Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dinosaur Party

In my attempt to get caught up on my blog...I forgot to put my dinosaur party in the correct place. (This should have gone in here, before our Utah trip.) That party was for Noah's birthday. It was the last Sunday in August. We had some fun food, decorations, and activities. Thanks to Pinterest, Amazon, and one shopping trip, I got it all together. The only time that Ron really questioned what I was doing, was when I was covering plastic dinosaurs in a mixture of sand, dirt, flour, and water. (Made for perfect dinosaurs to excavate!) I made the cute little cloth bag to put all of the dinosaurs in... hoping it didn't look too much like a purse. I never did fancy parties for my own kids... Grandmas have alot more time than moms!! Noah was excited with everything ;)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Time Flies

The Andersons planned a "Time Flies" birthday party for me and mom. They cooked and decorated. Butterflies, flowers, foot print butterflies, and butterfly kisses. Sam cooked steak and shrimp on the grill... plus potatoes, celery caterpillars, fruit salad, pasta salad, apple pie and rolls. Yummy. Mom had Lisa go buy a coconut pie, too.

Stayin with the Petes

We did a short trip to stay with the Pete kids in Sept. Ashley and Daniel had a trip planned to go to CA and needed us to come and stay with the kids. It's always complicated getting mom to the nursing home and back again. Then we always have a bad week after she gets home, trying to get back to normal. I took her to Cedar Creek on Tuesday morning, Sept. 5, then we left for the airport about 11 am. We got to Smithfield in time for dinner and lime pie for dessert :)
Here are a few random pictures of the next few days... and some random events! A soccer game for Mason. The Christiansens came to see us on Thursday night and Friday. I got to go do alittle shopping and lunch with Alison, then we took everyone to Chili's for dinner. Alison gave me a whole bag of cute bday gifts and we had ice cream sandwich sundaes for dessert. Ron got flowers for me. Otherwise...we got everyone to school and other activities. Ron was pretty busy trying to coordinate hurricane clean up crews and real estate deals while we were there. Hurricane Irma hit Florida the weekend we were there. Don Williams died... on my birthday. We had to try to keep the cats inside the house. Mason and Hazel were sick by the time Ashley and Daniel got home, so Sunday was not a normal day at church. Jaden was set apart as the secretary of the Deacons quorum. I went to primary with Ashley. The last pic. is Hazel's outfit for church...even though she couldn't go. I fixed lasagne, salad, and bread for dinner... and another lime pie. On Monday we came home, getting up early to get to the airport. Mom, Lisa, and the nurse were just getting to house when we arrived. (and expected... a bad week of nursing home recovery- lol.)

August Yard and Animals

Just a few random pics. outside this month. We love watching the animals in our yard. Ron puts out corn, birdseed, and water. We will never have a nice yard...because they eat everything. But we like having the animals. The cat is Max. He is the stray...that sometimes likes Ron. Or at least puts up with him, to get food :)