Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas 2016- 4

Everyone arrived by Friday evening , December 23. Earlier in the week I had prepared 4 pans of Lasagne for dinner, and had those in the freezer. Our first whole day together, Saturday, the 24th, was packed with activities. Family photo at 10:30, at a park in Kerrville. (The weather was not was raining.) Then we all went to the church for Owen's baptism, Luke's baby blessing, lunch, music practice, and cleaning the church. (Our church needs to be cleaned every Saturday. I decided since our family would be there using the building...out gift to the ward was for us to clean that day.) For lunch...I ordered Subway sandwiches, and brought paperware, chips, and cookies.

Christmas 2016- 3

Here is a bit of my Christmas decor...before, we got invaded- lol. 
I knew that I shouldn't put very much out, but I had two small trees down stairs and the large tree up stairs. The large tree was out right after Thanksgiving, but it wasn't until Dec. 23 that I actually got some lights on it. Then Alison and I decided that was all it ornaments ;)
With all of us in the house for Christmas, it was almost like the Christmas decor got lost somewhere, under bodies, and toys, and food :) I also included my one, cute idea, this year for Snoball Snowmen. 

Christmas 2016- 2

Ron must really love me...he hates doing Christmas lights...but we have lights on the house. I bought tons of lights last year after Christmas, when they were on sale. Our yard is not very cooperative with lights. No bushes, no larger trees to put them on...but we came up with something :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas 2016- 1

It's time to get started on my Christmas 2016 posts. This will take me a while and I will do in lots of parts. We knew beginning in July, that everyone would be at our house for Christmas. So..I was planning for 6 months. I thought through most where everyone would sleep, where everyone would sit to eat etc. Even though I had prepared much...I was still not quite ready for the "whirlwind" of toys, kids, dishes, trash, laundry, etc that would descend upon us- lol.  We packed as much "fun" as we could into 6 days. (That was the total time that we were ALL here- everyone arrived by Dec. 23 and then they began leaving on Dec. 28. Some staying longer than others- all had to meet a schedule to be back home.) My first post here is not even our family Christmas at all...but it is our ward Christmas party, nativity story. That was my big project about Thanksgiving time and the first week of December. I could have had more things prepared...last avoid all of the last minute rush- lol. I will definitely be more prepared for next year- I am hoping that this will be an annual Christmas tradition for Primary. My "lamb" project started out to be just for the Sunbeams and then turned into Sunbeams and I ended up making 15 "lamb ears". My cardboard sheep, have been moving around with us since Bartlesville- I made a new camel, but I didn't get a new donkey done. I made a few new wisemen accessories. The program turned out okay, except we had 175 people there for dinner, so not much space to set up and kind of difficult to see from the "way back" :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just a Little Project

Just a LITTLE project, mixed in among my other BIG projects. It is amazing how just that little curtain, takes away the "bare" window look. My hang up here was the fact that the fabric I liked was already made into a table runner, so I had to "pick that out" to use it. Then I had a bit of trouble with the lining and had to give that a couple of tries before I came up with something that worked. I also have new fabric for the seat cushion and a couple of pillows...but that got moved to the bottom of the list...we'll see if I get that far in the next month. I was starting to panic on Sunday evening, thinking of all the things I still need to do before Christmas. I got a couple of those things done this week, got started on a couple more, and sent out an email asking for HELP with primary stuff...that is yet to be resolved :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 Primary Program

Our big project every year for Primary, at church, is the annual Primary Sacrament Meeting Program.
Ours was on Sunday, October 30. Squeezed right in between the Fall Festival and Halloween- lol. I planned for 28 children. We had a few "no shows", but we just skipped those parts. One of those made me a little sad, because I had a specific part for two twin boys, to do together, and they didn't come that day. Another one that didn't come was a 12 year old girl, with a narrator part. Luckily on that one I had given that part to a boy who turns 12 in December, Deacon Cruz. He did a great job. The other three narrators were Isaac Huff, Amanda Martin, and Emma Carlson. (They are all 12 already) The amazing thing that I tried this year was having those kids help the younger kids and also manage the microphone. It was awesome! Every single person that commented to me about the program, mentioned how impressed they were with that idea and how it turned out. I also reluctantly agreed to have a cookie reception in the overflow right after Sacrament meeting. I'm not sure that it had the hoped for result of being able to have the missionaries meet the guests, but the kids loved it. We also switched sharing time and class time that day, so that the reception was only disrupting sharing time and not class time. Although the kids were wound up and sugared up by class time. Here are a few pics of our primary classes. (Of course, I have no photos of the program it's self.) I also included photos for some of our "Scripture Heros" that visited Primary this year :)