Saturday, March 11, 2017

Livin the Wild Life

I just created an album and posted it on Face Book. I said, we are living the "wild life" in Bandera :) We see some incredible animals in our yard. I am getting better with my camera. Ron thinks I could sell photos- lol. Anyway... here are a few pics. The turkeys are showing off. We can't put out enough bird seed to make everyone happy. The raccoons are always into something. The squirrels are amazing acrobats. The deer watch us, eat breakfast. We had our first Ring Tail visitor.

Friday, March 10, 2017

March Birthday Girls

For Emmy and Evie birthdays this month, I made a couple of cute reversible bags. One with a cute western belt in it. And one with a cute bear in it. These bags are quick to make and I think I could get one bag out of two fat quarters. I am going to go get a few of those at the quilt store in town...make a few bags...and then see if I could sell them there. Or maybe even have the customer purchase the fat quarters and then they pay me to do the sewing and the interfacing. We'll see how this plan works ;) I also sent Emmy a game and some boots. Not sure what else I'm sending to Evie yet. I'm sure that she doesn't "need" another stuffed bear... but I couldn't resist :) Did I mention that everything is CUTE??- lol

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Bird Feeder

Here is my new, cute, bird feeder... not that we especially needed any more bird feeders. lol. And actually when I leave it in the garage with bird seed in it...
Ron calls it the "mouse feeder" :)

Eli Celebrating SIX

Eli turned SIX last week. He got all sorts of bday celebration. We attended his party at "Pump It Up" and then we had a little party at our house for our usual Sunday evening dinner with the Andersons. (Audrey also took him to several other fun activities between Thursday and Saturday.) There were at least 15 of his school friends at "Pump It Up". There was all of the inflatable games, then pizza and cake, and gifts. For Sunday evening, I did a few decorations. I am perfecting the "Ice Cream Sandwich Cake". This one was really yummy. Then a couple of gifts from us and a card, with money from mom. I got some great pics of Luke on Saturday. He is growing and changing like crazy. Sam had been gone for two weeks, so Audrey and all of the boys were glad to have him home. (It was a gray, rainy, Saturday for the "Pump It Up" party, in San Antonio.)

Monday, February 27, 2017


I might be getting a bit better with my camera ;) These were in the trees out back. These creatures are amazing to watch... not very cute... but super funny to watch them move and run.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Couple of Valentines :)

A while back, I got my Valentine decor out and I made a new wreath. (For that, I ordered items online and those didn't arrive until Friday. I made the wreath on Saturday. I may need to keep it up for the rest of the month...even though Valentines day will be done this week. I also ordered enough supplies to make a spring/Easter wreath. I should be able to get that done soon. This was my first attempt at the deco mesh ribbon.) I also decided to plan a little birthday/Valentines dinner for last night. I made a lemon cake, that I thought had baked strange... but it was actually pretty good. And I made some chocolate cookies. I also put together little Valentine bags for Eli and Noah. (Sam couldn't come out he had a stake meeting to go to- so it was just Audrey and the boys.) Nothing ultra exciting around here!! I made shrimp scampi for dinner, with a couple of salads, and bread. Oh...and blue slushie...that Eli helped make. One small cake with 2 candles and Eli led us in singing "Happy Birthday". And... Audrey and Eli got to go to a "real" Valentine dance/party at Eli's school.