Tuesday, August 23, 2016

An ART Party!

Our BIG group project for the first week of July, was a birthday party for Hailey. Ashley had been trying to decide what to do for a party, and she decided that she really wanted to have a party while the "whole gang" was still in Utah. So between, Ashley, Annie, Alison, and me, it was paarrrty time :)
It was also a "surprise" party and we managed to pull that off too. Al and I worked on games, and some of the decor. Annie worked on the cake. Ashley worked on an assortment of decorations and painting supplies. In order for it to be a surprise, Daniel brought Hailey and Mason to AF with him- actually meeting some of us at a park for pizza dinner. While Ashley, Annie, and Alison got everything set up at the house. Everybody had fun...we had activities (most of them MESSY activities) for all ages :) Everything from painting, water paint balloons, side walk chalk paint, ice block treasures, tie dyed shirts, and balloon tennis. And of course, cake, cup cakes, and snacks. The weather was perfect for out doors.  The pics pretty much tell the whole story- lol.

Steel Days Carnival

Alison had promised to take the kids to the carnival. Steel Days events were going on there in American Fork the week after the fourth of July. We took the kids to the carnival for a couple of hours on Thursday. We also went to several events on Saturday- which included breakfast, races, a parade, and park activities with fireworks on Saturday. Here are a few pics from the carnival. Can you tell who loved to look at the camera and smile?

Tuesday and Wednesday after July 4

On Tuesday after the fourth of July- Ron and Micah took the Christiansen kids and went to Bear Lake. Micah's family was there for a few days of camping. The Simms and the Petes joined them on Wednesday, for a day of swimming and fun. Alison, Ashton, and I stayed home...except for a few shopping trips and lunch with Quin ;) (We began shopping for items for a birthday party for Hailey. I went to the Mikarose office to look at some clothing. Quin was driving through Utah on her way back to Colorado from CA.) The photos that I have for this post are from Annie and Ashley.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Full Day of JULY 4!

An all day family fun fourth of July. Including FOOD, SPLASH PAD, PICNIC, BUBBLES, MORE FOOD, GAMES, and FIREWORKS.