Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost October 31


One of my favorite Halloween decorations is a cute pumpkin frame with a picture of Alison, as a child with candy in her hand and candy on the table. I added a little word bubble that says, "Candy, what candy?" (Like getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar- oops, I mean candy bucket)
I'm not sure that Ron appreciates all of my "decorative stuff". One day he came to the realization that I had boxes and boxes of such things. But on the other hand, it doesn't take much to keep me happy :) I guess I'm "bah hum bug" on Halloween this year. I'm not decorating my black suburban for trunk or treat (even though it works perfect for such things) and I didn't sign up to make chili or popcorn balls. "I'm gonna just stay home" and hope enough trick or treaters show up to give away all of the candy that I bought (so I'm not tempted to eat any of it) "Bah hum bug" :) The problem with blogs and typing is that I don't think my dry sense of humor works very well here :) Whether you are "going out" or "staying home"- Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

This Little Piggy Went to Market :)

Friday, October 24, was a brilliant, sunny day in Texas. I got in Ron's car and drove to Dallas. His car gets alittle better gas mileage than my suburban :) I left home just in time to be right in the middle of morning rush hour, but I actually made it to Conroe (just north of Houston) in about an hour. I went in to a WalMart there to purchase a few things- I was hoping for a bag of cheese popcorn, but since they didn't have that, I bought carmel corn instead. Only 170 calories per serving- 7 servings in a box- not bad unless you eat the whole box. It was a small box :) good thing that was breakfast and lunch :) I made it to Dallas about noon. The reason I went to Dallas was to go to the apparel market there. It was a successful trip- I located a new line of dressy tops and skirts for my store. I also loved spending time with Audrey, she lives in Plano. (Two of the pics. are of her apartment building.) We spent time together on Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening. I also went to church with her on Sunday. It's pretty easy at the singles ward for people to recognize me as "the mom" :) I drove back to Houston Sunday evening- only one trucker honked at me in my red mustang :)

Audreys apartment in Plano

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boys, Dirt and Rocks

Annie is our oldest daughter. She was born in Westminster, Colorado. As a child she was the one who could never eat an ice cream cone fast enough, before it melted through the bottom and dipped on her lap. She enjoyed every (slow) bite :) She still loves ice cream. She also loves a great geologist, who loves rocks and teaches at OSU. She loves two adorable boys (how else would grandma describe them?) and is teaching them to love rocks and dirt and each other. You can get all of the "dirt" on her and the boys at "Redsdirt". Annie loves the Lord and you can often find her humbly serving others. Annie was a very good athlete in elementary school, junior high, and high school. Our kids not only got their singing ability from Ron, but also got their athletic abilities from him. Annie started running at a very young age. One race she came in last overall and had a motorcycle police escort- but won first in her age group, because she was by far the youngest runner for such a distance. When Annie was alittle older and had three younger sisters, she was always the one to be found reading stories to them or playing games with them. Soon, she will be found reading stories and playing games with three younger boys! Baby boy number three is due at Christmas.

Nathan, Alex, Jared, Annie

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Magnificent Day in Texas

As you can see, when you scroll through my blog, I'm not very long winded- I'm more of a picture person. But, here are a few ramblings ... Today was a magnificent day in Katy, Texas. The weather was perfect. In fact if Ron was here, I might have let him put the convertible top down on the car, on the way to church. Normally the rule is "top up" on the way to church- I can't let my hairdo get messed up :) Since Ron is still in Jakarta, I drove myself to church in his car. One of the things I miss most when he is gone, is having him sit next to me at church and being able to hear him sing the hymns. I really do love his voice. ( Our kids all got their singing talents from him) My other thought for today about church is- one of the best decisions that Ron and I made many years ago was to be at church every Sunday. Also, take the kids to church every Sunday. I know its hard when the kids are young, but do it anyway. Our family has been greatly blessed and influenced by that choice. And even now when we are scattered from Utah, to Oklahoma, to Texas, to South Africa, I knew exactly where each of my kids were today.

My job at church is to take care of 6-8, 3 year olds for two hours. (I have the oldest nursery class- they have all turned 3 this year and will be "Sunbeams" in January) One of the best things we do in my class is use some books that Annie, Audrey, and Ashley made for me. They have pictures of the boys and words to primary songs that go with the pictures. They loved the one called -"My Heavenly Father Loves Me". Thanks Annie!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blessings of the Firstborn

Dallas 1977

Dallas 1999

Mike and Carrie
and Nicholas

Ron and I were married in May 1976. His first job was for Phillips Coal Company. Right after the wedding we loaded up our "meager stuff" and headed for Dallas. Our son Mike was born in Garland, Texas in June 1977. Mike has mostly my personality with Ron's intelligence. He always strived for excellence in school, athletics and scouts. He had scholarships to pay for his college education at the University of Oklahoma. He went on to get his masters degree at Duke University. Part of the blessings of being the firstborn and being the only boy with four sisters, was he didn't have to share his bedroom, his clothes or shoes, his bathroom, or his car. :) Mike met Carrie at OU. They have a son, Nicholas, who is 17 mos. old. Mike, Carrie, and Nicholas are our world travelers. I can't even begin to give the correct statistics on everywhere they have lived and how many airplanes Nicholas has flown on in his first year and a half of life. They are currently in Cape Town, South Africa. Mike works for Chevron. We love seeing their family adventures and travels. It was fun to have them here in the USA for Alison's wedding in June and Ashley's wedding in August. Great family times :)

Longest Week Ever

On Fox news tonight they were claiming that this has been the "longest week ever". I agree with that, but not for their reasons. But for the fact that Ron is in Jakarta and he got a "bad bug". He spent half of one day in an emergency room with diarrhea, vomiting, high blood pressure, fever, and dehydration. He has spent the rest of the week taking "bug killer" medicine and staying at the hotel. Our life line has been the email- which is an interesting experience because he is exactly 12 hours ahead of me. He will be flying to Beijing next week and not returning home until Nov.1. We are missing him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day 1975

On Columbus Day 1975, Ron asked me to marry him. I don't think he gave me a ring right then- he just asked and I said yes. We were married in May of 1976, soon after Ron graduated from The Colorado School of Mines.

The kids will be laughing at the pics. Since Ron is half way around the world and he doesn't know how to add a comment, he can't even defend himself :)
PS- Speaking of proposals...
Mike still gets the "brownie points" for the most creative proposal- he made arrangements with a restaurant to have the waiter bring out the ring to Carrie, while he was on one knee singing to her.

Some of you will recognize a scripture, "...having been born of goodly parents...". We did not start out as "goodly parents" but hopefully we learned how to be "goodly parents". We are very blessed in our relationship to each other and to our children.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

yIKEs- a Direct Hit on Galveston

The membership of our church is divided into "wards" (a single congregation) and also into "stakes" (an area containing about 12 wards) In just the past two or three weekends our stake sent 1660 people to Galveston and they were "helping hands" to assist in cleaning up 500 homes, that were damaged in hurricane IKE. One man there claimed the workers were "Gods Angels". They always come in their yellow T shirts- bring their own supplies- work all day at whatever needs to be done- and then go home tired. (Ron did not go to Galveston, but he did go to Bridge Port- near Beaumont, and helped clean out houses there.) The service hours given in Galveston alone was at least 5000. Our ward provided 1800 hours of that 5000 hours. (This info. came from a thank-you note from the Friendswood Stake.)

Getting Ready for Church

Don't tell Annie and Alex, but all I had to do this morning to get ready for church was clean and refill my 10 little bubble containers and then show up in my nursery class. Life is not fair:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

While The Cat's Away...

the mouse will post pictures online for the whole world to see. :) My first few posts will introduce who we are as a family. So I'll start with my "ron" in debnron, my"top dog", my "main man", my "first dude" (and yes after 3 decades and five children we are still together. ) He really is away- he left last night to go to Jakarta for about 10 days and then he will fly to Beijing for about 10 days- 3 weeks altogether. When he travels, he usually is not gone that long. I can get myself in alot of trouble in three weeks. :) Ron is a great husband, father, and "Papa" (grandfather). For several years, he has complained that Mike left him a lone man in a house full of girls. He is now enjoying his reward for those tough years :) - so far all of the grandchildren are boys. He is also enjoying the "sons" that have been added to our family- Alex, Micah, and Daniel. He works hard and provides well for our family. He looks great in a tuxedo. ILYLT deb

Question of The Day

What does ILYLT mean? Most of you know how difficult it is to create a title for a blog that is not already used by another blog. I knew that by using ILYLT, no one else would have that title. I also feel like I have let you in on a debnron secret. But here is the story- About 3 years ago I briefly saw part of a church broadcast. The gentleman that was speaking , told a story about a lady who had leprosy and she was exiled to a place where other people also had leprosy. Her husband decided he would go with her there, even though he did not have leprosy. I can't remember the rest of the story, but I think he got leprosy after he went there with her. I told Ron- ILYLT. Not long after that we were watching a movie called, "The Notebook". After seeing that movie, I told Ron ILYLT. Since that time our signature to each other has been "I Love You Like That". The kids will be glad to know that we even know how to text that to each other!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Family photo Jan. 2005. As you can see I've started this blog- but I've got alot to learn. I'm playing around with photos. I will (hopefully) introduce you to our family. This was one of our best pics.- shortly after Jaden was born and right before Audrey left for a full time mission in Bulgaria.

Family picture summer 2007.