Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Replace Raffee?

New Living Room Pics

Thanks Annie for this grandson picture.
I am going to cut and paste a yellow tie on Nicholas :) :)

AudSam Wedding

Just a few wedding pics.- I can't wait to see what the photographer actually has :) I picked out four that were somewhat different than what has already been posted else where.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Honeymoon Rules

I think there were at least two honeymoon rules for this week- no talking to mom and no laptop. The first is easy- I don't know exactly where they are and the cell phone probably has no coverage. On the second one- I have been watching the blogs to see if a random comment or post would appear, giving away a hint that maybe Sam still had the laptop with him. (Either it really did not go or they are exercising great restraint in not commenting or posting. ) When a post appeared on Whiteeyebrows, I thought aha. But...it was just the lovely sister :) W.E. and A2 will have lots of catching up to do on Sunday to see what we have been blogging about all week :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Remember the "bug" I got after Christmas to do some thorough house cleaning and sorting? Well, that only lasted long enough for me to get the Christmas decorations put away right before Valentines day :) Plus that was about the time the third wedding plans kicked into gear. Now the wedding is done and did I already mention, several times, that it was wonderful ! :) Audrey is not my "artsy crafty" daughter, but all of her ideas for colors and decorations were perfect. (She does have some artsy crafty relatives) There were a couple of wedding glitches- like a babysitting miscommunication which caused Daniel and Alex to not attend the sealing and Audrey was hunting for a motel room the night before the wedding because hers got canceled. (I told Audrey the week before the wedding to plan for a few unexpected disruptions and for all of the planned activities to take longer than expected.)
Oh, back to my "bug" story...If I can get over my real sinus/ear infection "bug", I've got the house cleaning "bug" again. There are several reasons for that- 1. Things have been neglected here for a few months. 2. It's spring time- spring cleaning- spring exterminating of real "bugs". 3. We will have company each Sunday evening for the next 6 weeks. Which means that at least by Sunday evening each week, we need to have a lesson planned, have dessert fixed, and have most of the house presentable. 4. I've got some great wedding pictures to frame and hang up. (I have been wanting to paint the living room and rearrange pictures ever since the hurricane damage- but we'll have to see if this "bug" is strong enough motivation for that.) I'll have the Easter decorations out and dessert planned by this Sunday- we'll see what happens next week. While I'm getting my house in order, I also have a few "bugs" at the store to work out- taxes, property rendition, payroll, trademark, and website. Talk about being "bugged", I've got it all. But for now I'm a free (sick) woman and all of the weddings are done :) :) While this may sound like the end for the story- its actually the beginning of "being happy and enduring to the end"- but that will be another post for later. I need to go scrub a bathroom or something.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Give Me Some Cheese with this Whine

Some times life just doesn't let us be sick. Some how I managed to get through the entire winter without even a cold, no flu, nothing- then last Monday evening, just out of no where, I got a really bad sore throat. Knowing that I was just days away from Audrey's wedding I went to a "minute clinic" on Tuesday, thinking I could get antibiotics in hand before taking two ear infections on an airplane on Thursday. Instead I came away with directions to take Sudafed and knowing that I did not have strep throat. (I knew I was still in trouble) Anyway...to make all of this whining brief- Ron had to take me to an "insta clinic" on Sunday morning in St. George. This time I did come away with some "stiffer meds"- antibiotics and prednisone. The plane ride home yesterday was not great, but would have been much worse without the medicine. (I got off the plane with no hearing in just one ear instead of none at all.) So...everything about the wedding was wonderful, except me. It was amazing to have our entire family there. To have all of the grandsons together. And even have some of our extended family there. Great effort was made traveling and preparing, but it was all worth it. When I sent out text messages to Mike and the girls last night saying that we had arrived back in Houston- Alison's response was- "Yeah". "Annie beat you to the blog". Her wedding post is the best!! Go to redsdirt to see great pictures and what's even more amazing is she put "Someone to Fall Back On" on her playlist. (That is Sam and Audrey's song) I'm sure that I will go there at least once a day this week and get my daily "happy cry" in. Ron had the hard part of giving Audrey away- now I've got the hard part of not being able to talk her at all this week- it's not allowed on the honeymoon to talk to mom :)
Yeah, so I'll take some cheese with this whining :) And since life won't let me be sick- I'm off to work today. I got up with Ron at the usual time this morning- thinking, "I'll go back to bed for a couple of hours and then go to work"- instead I was so wound up from all of the weekend excitement. I couldn't even go back to sleep- I might as well get up :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daddy's Girl

This weekend Ron has one of the very hard things of life to do...

give away a daughter.

On the flip side of that we gain a son...

Life is good!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remember the Purple Chair?

Don't worry Sam has already seen the pics :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is the week...

This is the week. Three days of work and then off to St. George for the wedding. The blogging maybe sparse until we get back. Everyone is busy with work and school and wedding stuff.
A2 and W.E. fly out to Utah on Wednesday.
A1 and her "boys" are in New Mexico, visiting Alex's parents. They will arrive in St. George on Thursday.
Mike and Carrie leave South Africa tomorrow- it probably takes two days to get back which turns out to be 1 day that really feels like 2. They will arrive in St. George on Friday.
A3 and A4 and their "guys" will arrive, also, on Friday.
Ron, Mom, and I fly out on Thursday afternoon. I'll try to do a couple of other posts before we go. I'll have to see how my schedule runs- it is spring break here and girls are shopping for prom- so maybe busier than normal at the store this week. That is good and bad- good for business- bad for getting last minute projects finished up :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not Dead Yet...

Karen is probably expecting this to be my last tribute to the burb after reading the comments on my other post. Instead we are not giving up without a fight- we are fixing it. It will be 3-4 days for a new transmission, then back to the original mechanic for a new air conditioner. We are actually getting used to only having one car. It just means that I take Ron to work and then go back and pick him up- it's not too bad. The offers for 0% interest on a new car loan is very tempting! But after considering that, we decided to only stimulate the economy by $3000 rather than by $30,000. That doesn't mean, we might not still give in to that temptation, but at least for now we are trying to follow our own advice to not get into any more debt. Besides, I'm still holding out for the car manufacturers to go under and start giving away free suburbans :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wedding #3

In just 2 weeks, we will have had three weddings within one year. A3 daughter got married in June, A4 daughter got married in August, and now A2 daughter is getting married on March 21.
Last summer when Ron's coworkers would ask him how it was, to have two weddings in one summer, he replied, "Do I have the deer in the headlights look?" It's like he was minding his own business on the road of life, when this "wedding wagon" ran him over. It's all of the planning, and buying, and organizing, and planning some more, and buying some more etc. etc. Mostly Ron's job is to provide $ for the "buying some more" :) Just about the time we finished the first one- along comes the second one. More planning, buying, organizing, PAYING. Then Ron is asking, "Do I have the deer in the tail lights look?" So here he is, still laying on the road of life trying to recover from getting hit twice by the "wedding wagon"- when he hears a familiar sound- he raises his head to look around- and yes, here comes that "wedding wagon" again ! He is starting to think maybe he should get off the road :) This time, A2 and W.E. did most of the planning, buying, organizing, and even the paying. We did give a cash "donation" to the cause- but they have done all the work. Of course you know that this is all in fun! We love the fact that all of our children have found wonderful "soul mates" and we don't mind at all that we will have had three weddings in one year. It has been alittle hard on the cash flow- but other wise great blessings for our family. Besides we own a bridal shop. There are two ways to look at the cost of those three dresses- either we got a great deal and wholesale prices on each one or they each only cost us about $100,000 a piece. I prefer to have Ron think of it in terms of the first option :)

This is the deer in the headlights look when he realized that the "wedding wagon" was about hit him- no time to move- got hit hard :)

This is the deer in the tails lights look after getting run over TWICE within 2 months by the "wedding wagon".

So this is the deer- after getting run over twice and just beginning to put it's head up again- and here comes that "wedding wagon" again! No time to get out of the road- I guess he'll get hit again :)

The amazing thing is that Ron cooperated and let me take these pictures, even when he knew where they would end up. Maybe life is too boring around here. (We aren't even good at watching TV together- we tried that last night and we both fell asleep :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good News Bad News Day

The bad news for today- my suburban needs a new transmission that costs more than the car is worth. We are not sure yet, what we'll do. It had to be towed to the mechanic- do you think we can just leave it there? :)
The good news for today- Ashley and the baby are both well and I can start buying "Pink Stuff"!
I wonder if Ron has a catagory in our budget for pink stuff?
I already have pink ribbon and paper to scrapbook with- Annie did not cooperate with the pink scrapbook idea :) I knew I could use it for some body :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Interesting..Very Interesting

Last night, through a friend on facebook, I discovered an interesting...a very interesting website for "buying and selling". Go there and take a look. www.etsy.com
Of course this appeals to me because of my artsy/crafty talents, but also because of the possibilities it presents for a world wide market place for selling such items. My friend has the "Gigglebugbaby" store on there. She is a stay at home mom, in Denver, using her talents to make cute baby items. This website/organization was started on some very interesting principles- hunt around on the site and find the "about" button. Then watch the "about" video. For me this could be the beginnings of some thing (very interesting), look out Ron, I maybe going off on another wild idea :) -- or at least an awesome place to shop :) for unique items.

"Mommy Blogs"

For those of us who don't live near our grand children, the "mommy blogs" are giving us the opportunity to watch them grow up. It gives us the opportunity to peek in on their daily adventures. Yes, sometimes small, but yet significant. I am always checking in hoping for new stories and pictures, but even when the posting is slow due to busy lives...I can always look through what has already been posted, and bring a smile to my face and a bright spot to my day. This technology is a blessing to our generation. I sometimes wonder how my family would have been different, if I had been "mommy blogging" when my children were small, for my own parents to participate in. The good relationships that Ron and I have with our children is a unique thing in this day and age, and it is only enhanced by the mommy blogs. I wish I had "cute picture material" (like Owen in round glasses) to post, instead you only get "peeks" at what old people do from here :)