Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Are Here...

Star Island Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. We had an uneventful (which means we both fell asleep) flight yesterday. We got checked in at the resort. Went shopping and bought some cheerios, shredded wheat, and milk, because we do have a small refrig. and microwave in the room. Remember we booked our reservation so late that all that was left were the one bedroom- no kitchen units. It has a great shower though! (for those of you that read my comments on the shower at the OLD hotel in Palacios- this one is much better) We drove around some last night just to get acquainted with the area.

We watched a movie in our room- Aud and Sam, we are going to call to have you explain this one to us- "Seven Pounds". We went to church today at 11:30. We had linner (not sure if it was lunch or dinner) out, about 3:00... Now what?

What are we going to do for the next five days? We haven't found any frustrated parents to lend us any kids yet. (although we probably could have gotten a couple at church today :)

What are two old people to do?

Stay tuned...we'll see what we come up with. (although, I'm going to have to come up with a better Internet connection, to be able to post pictures- I'm having a problem with that)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Day

Happy First Anniversary.
I guess we will go celebrate in Florida :)- if the laptop works- we will check in during the week.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Only Seeing the Ants on the Sidewalk

I've had several thoughts this week- you'll have to indulge me and of course this is the condensed version. One thing I have realized, when I'm out walking in the mornings, is some times I only see the ants on the sidewalk. I'm looking down, not even seeing to the next corner or the end of the block, let alone seeing the end of my route. I'm caught up in the moment and my long term perspective is impaired. Keeping that thought in mind...
One evening this week, when Ron walked in the house I was watching the news. I was watching the press conference where a Governor was explaining that he had been unfaithful to his wife. Ron's only comment was " Not him too." (As we have seen a long stream of this same situation lately with prominent people) Then also this week there was the photo of the attorney that was found sleeping in his neighbors trash can. He explained that he first saw those pictures of him self at the donut store on TV. I realize that we all make mistakes. We all make bad decisions now and then. Plus Satan is working overtime to lead us slowly and carefully into temptations...but the amazing part is for us to be surprised at the consequences. How could these two men in particular not know that "someone would find out" what they were doing?
Especially the Governor, he had to travel thousands of miles, several times and written email is always "found out" and published. Even under Gods plan, with the right circumstances, we can be forgiven of almost any bad choice, but there are still consequences that remain. It's like only seeing the ants on the sidewalk, and never looking up. I suppose if someone took a picture of me sleeping in my neighbors trash can, I might end up on Fox news too. I need to remind myself not to do that :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moskeeter Bait

Three pictures from the past weekend. If you are just now checking in on my blog, you'll need to read the next post to know what these are.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shrimp and Skeeters (mosquitoes)

For Fathers Day weekend, we took a little trip. We went to a small town on the Texas coast, about 2 hours south of us. This town is known as the shrimp capital of the world...
and moskeeters. We went to a seafood restaurant there and had shrimp for appetizer and then had more shrimp for dinner. That was Ron's first favorite thing. (It was sad to see this place almost empty on a Saturday night- I guess the bad economy is taking its toll) After dinner, there was a man playing guitar and singing. We sat outside and listened to him until the mosquitoes took their toll! Ron loved that part of the weekend (his second favorite thing) - not the mosquitoes but "Wild Bill" singing. Bill didn't spare any expense on his outfit for this gig- blue nylon-knee length-athletic shorts, a blue baseball cap, ankle socks, tennis shoes, and a sort of blue flowered shirt. But his singing was pretty good. Maybe Ron liked it because most of his songs where from our high school era mixed with some country :)
Generally, except for the skeeters, it was a nice evening to sit out and have a "sodie pop". We stayed in an old hotel. When I say old hotel, that's exactly what I mean. Not a renovated old hotel, just a 106 year old... OLD hotel. The bed was hard, with an antique bedspread that had probably never been washed.
The carpet was sticky and stained, the tile floor in the bathroom was slippery. Each room had a window air conditioner. You know the ones that you can't leave running all night or you will freeze, but you can't turn it off because it will get too hot. And it's noisy- so Ron and I took turns getting up to turn it off and on- then off and on. The shower in the bathroom was very small. The shower head was about at my shoulder level. (Why did they used to make those so short?) I only stayed in the shower long enough to get my hair wet and kill a mosquito on the wall :) The best part of the motel room was the fact that there actually was a plug in for my hair dryer.... and it worked :) On Sunday we went to church in Port Lavaca. Which was interesting... if you spoke English you used one hymn book and if you spoke Spanish you used another one. But everyone sang together. If you were asked to read and you spoke Spanish, you read in Spanish. If you spoke English, you read in English. If you were asked to say the prayer, and you spoke Spanish, it was Spanish. If you spoke English, it was English. Everyone, except the bilingual people, got about HALF of the lessons and talks and prayers :) On our way home, on Sunday afternoon, we stopped at a restaurant and had some authentic Texas barbecue. That was probably Ron's third favorite thing- plus no skeeters there. My favorite part of all of this was just being there with my mom and...

"my main man".

Who is a great husband, father, and papa.

Happy Fathers Day- 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ron heard an interesting idea in an interview with Kathie Lee Gifford, that was on TV last week. She said the first thing she does each morning is check to see if she has a pulse. If she does, she knows that God has a purpose for her for that day. It might only be a small thing like remembering someones name, giving out a compliment or such. I think that some days, it might even be a "big" purpose. But never the less even a small purpose is still a purpose. What a neat idea. Ron and I checked with each other several times this past week to see if we could recognize our purpose for a particular day. What a simple way to over come discouragement- to remember that if we still have a pulse, God is not finished with us yet and we still have some important things to do. "Important things" might be big or they might be "small stuff". Recently I was encouraging each of my family members to "be some ones small stuff"- just the little compliments, thank yous, hugs, and "I love yous", can mean a lot. And might also fulfill our purpose for that day :)
PS Some times I think my purpose for the day is learning what NOT to do :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

A2 Has Her Prince Charming

And he has a birthday today! Happy Day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Covet

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for me to get back to walking, for exercise. I try to go about two and a half miles each morning. While Ron skimmed through mid life without any crisis- I guess mine is trying to function on no hormones. The result was putting on some weight. Since I already eat right, my only option was to add exercising. As I'm walking, I'm usually just thinking of random things or some times not thinking of anything at all, just walking. I'm always looking at the yards and homes around our neighborhood. Many of them are even the same design as our house and its fun to see how they are decorated and the various yard treatments. It's kind of funny, I can walk down a street on one side and then come back around on the other side and see some thing completely different. On Tuesdays and Fridays I get to pass judgment on all of my neighbors based on what trash is piled on their sidewalk :) My number one rule for walking is if there is a car anywhere in sight- stay on the sidewalk. (I did almost get hit by a car one day.) Now that school is out, there is less early morning traffic and no teenagers waiting on various corners for the bus. Now if I wasn't inhaling car exhaust and tree pollen, life would be good. Last week, I noticed a nice planter on the front porch of one house. I thought, "that would look good by our front door". No, I didn't take theirs, I bought my own. Yes, I'm guilty, "thou shalt not covet thy neighbors planter!" Mine is actually cuter- it's ivory, and looks good with our funny colored bricks :) Now the race is on- let's see how fast I can kill those plants.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

He's All Growed Up

Now he has his own yard to dig in.

Now he has his own "mountains" to climb.

Now he has his own bike to ride.

Now he has his own "races" to run.

Now he has his own lawn mower to fix.

Now he has his own son to eat cake with.

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

How's My Week Been?

We started out the week with a mustang with the "check engine" light on and a suburban that needs new brakes. Then first thing Monday morning, mom tells me that she has a problem with her bathroom sink. So I go take it apart- to find out that the whatcamacallit, that attaches to the pop up thingamagig is completely rusted off. So I also take the second sink apart to find out that the other one is only a few days away from rusting off, also. I was just glad it wasn't clogged up, because I had just poured the last of the draino down the tub up stairs. Since I needed some new parts at Lowes, I decide to also get the piece of carpet there, that I need for my store. Of course the carpet I needed was not out front, but back in the warehouse and it would take at least an hour to get it up front. So I decide to go shopping for a while and then come back. I went shopping for a new swim suit- that was depressing and scary! I did finally get the carpet and the sink parts. Tuesday, mom and I are working along at my store- when my printer quits. Long story short- I bought a new printer yesterday and we spent most of yesterday trying to figure it out. Also yesterday at home, the water softener on the house started beeping because it was out of salt. This morning Ron and I were both awake at 4 am- trying to figure out which smoke detector was beeping because it needed a new battery. Later this morning, mom goes to get her frozen pancakes out of the freezer, only to find them and the freezer completely thawed out. It was obvious that it had been off for several days. (Sometimes the circuit its on turns off) Now I'm at my store again and I think I have a problem with the answering machine on my phone.
Do you still want to know how my week has been ? :) I can hardly wait to see what happens tomorrow. I think our "modern" conveniences are starting to bother me :)