Friday, July 31, 2009

Unusual Weekend

Tonight we are meeting WE and A2 in Austin- going to a water park tomorrow- staying in a bed and breakfast in Dripping Springs, Texas on Saturday night. Yep, Dripping would you like to have that for an address? WE and A2, we will be waiting for you at the intersection of I35 and 290 this evening :) While we are gone, Mom will be taking care of the store. Things are pretty slow there right now- hopefully she can mind the store while Erin gets paid to do her homework :) And... Alex will be staying at our house. He has been traveling this week and will be in Houston this weekend. I made a big sacrifice this morning... I gave up my hot-sweaty-humid-drag-myself-around-3 mile-walk, in order to clean the bathroom :) Alex, make yourself at home. The cookie jar will have your favorite cookies in it!
We will be home Sunday evening. Hopefully we will have some fun pictures.

Monday, July 27, 2009

House Work

No matter how much you love a house when you first move in, as you live there, there are always things that could be better. Things that could be more convenient, things that could be bigger or smaller. Things that could be redecorated, etc. Then there are all of those things that wear out and need to be replaced. Our house now, would be better if our bedroom was further from the kitchen and mom's bedroom closer to the kitchen. Our up stairs bathroom is okay for just Ron and I, but much too small when company is here. There is an interesting thing about the house we have now. When we were "house hunting" here in Houston, most of our focus was on what A4 would like. (Remember she had to move here with us as an "only child") Looking back at all of the houses we looked at, the one we have is the only one that would have been possible for mom to move into. (So there was a future plan in the works that we hadn't even thought of!) The past couple months I have had the itch to do some redecorating, but the time and energy is just not there. I have to admit, I have been jealous of my best friend in Bartlesville remodeling their house :) Ron has a few yard projects that he has been working on. He has a new back yard project to work on this fall. I have my "wish list" of projects, but I don't want to ask Ron to spend the money on those unless my "Bandera Pie in the Sky" house is not a possibility. (watch for that post to come :) For now, the extent of my redecorating consists of a new bed spread for our bed! (although, I'm working my way closer to painting 2 walls of the living room. I would have done that already if the ceilings weren't so high. I need to figure out a good ladder system or a really long stick on my paint brush :)

This picture doesn't show very well, but the bed spread is light blue.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Other Baby

I am feeling guilty because I couldn't go help A4 with the new baby. I'm busy with my "other baby". This other baby is a 24/6 thing. It requires much attention. It needs to be fed, cleaned, and attended to on a daily basis, although not on Sunday. Some times it keeps me up at night. It has a never ending "to do list". Sometimes it's "fussy" and difficult to manage. This week we had a few little technical difficulties- the key board for my computer quit. Which meant we had a few days without a credit card scanner, label machine, receipt printer, and my main point of sale system. We hobbled along on the laptop with limited abilities.
Some times, it's "sleeping like a baby", but still can't be unattended.
The summer season is always slow and with the current economy, my July sales are running about 1/2 of last years July sales. In other words 1/2 of already low is not good. Ron gave me a "debt restructure" this week. It is yet to be seen if that will carry the store through the current economic problems, but we are hopeful. And to show off "the little darling"- we have a new website! It still needs a few items adjusted and some things are still "under construction", but it is up and running. Yes! I am indebted (in more ways than one) to WE and A2. (Thank you very much.) I will pay off my bill in small increments, to be sure that WE hangs around for awhile. In fact working on that basis- it may never be completely paid in full :) In reality, we are past the infancy stage- in fact we are well into adolescence. Here's hoping we will make it to maturity. We see the pattern, we are starting to understand the order and we are hoping to experience the vision!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water Barrel Delivery Service

Sam and A2- we are headed your way with your water barrel- see you this evening :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birth Day TODAY

Hailey Pete- born at 10 am. this morning. 6 lbs.14 oz. and 20 inches. I'm sure we will have pictures of her later :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Date Night

After our vacation week of being together 24/7, Ron and I were happy to do "our own thing" this week. He had just started reading a new book on the way back from Florida, so he was more than happy to sit in his corner with his book. I had stuff to do- laundry, cleaning, shopping, unpacking, etc. Sometimes we were both home, but on separate computers (like now :) Of course we each had our own jobs to take care of. Ron has his Quicken and financial stuff to do and he did spend some time cleaning his car. On Friday evening we discovered some thing fun though. (Remember when we were looking for a drive-in movie theater just south of Dallas? When we were looking for that one, we also found one close to Katy. I also had a friend tell me that there was one close to Katy) We decided to go find it. (Ron will usually go for any suggestion I might have for a Friday evening activity!) It took us about 35 minutes to get there, and it was a very pleasant drive- NOT IN TRAFFIC :). The theater is just north and west of where we live. The movie that we saw was "Ice Age 3". The whole drive-in movie idea is a fun kind of entertainment. People go early, take the kids (and the dog:), take the pick up truck, take blankets, lawn chairs, (and mattresses:). Eat junk food and hang around until the movie starts.
Since we had just eaten dinner, that saved us from the hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, chips, nachos, etc. But we did give in to the popcorn and slushy drinks.
We may do it often, although maybe not when it's so hot out side. (It was still rather warm at 9 pm on Friday evening.)
This activity is perfect for a convertible car though!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Strange Bird

Here is a strange Florida bird-
two heads and four legs :) there were actually
two of them- one behind the other.
These were walking around the
lake at Star Island. We went to
the swimming pool twice, but we
didn't try out the paddle boats, jet skis,
or canoes.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crabs and Ducks

This is Ron trying to be a sand crab.

This is the real sand crab.

This is me trying to be a "duck" and let the water run off. When you are standing in line for a ride and the sign says "You may get wet"- believe it. The only good thing about going on a water ride at 5:00 pm was that it started raining like crazy at 7:00 pm when we were walking out to the parking lot- and it didn't matter, we were already soaked.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We Are Home from Star Island

We had a great week in Florida. Driving home from the airport today, Ron realized that we spent the entire week together- "we never went off to do our own thing". (He said, I didn't even go shopping :) The picture above is the one from the resort that I tried to post all week, but the Internet connection was too slow for that. I'll post a few more pics. this next week and my "what not to do list". Remember, that's why we went... to figure out "what not to do" on another trip there. We have decided, we will wait 3 years and then take the grand kids there.

This is me after eating out in restaurants all week :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

We Are Still Here...

at The Star Island Resort, but going home tomorrow. We have managed to find a few things to do :) We sat on the Melbourne beach one evening, watching the sand crabs. We went to the Titanic museum. We realized that if we came to central Florida and did not go to one of the theme parks, we would never heard the end of that from the kids- so we went to Disney World Animal Kingdom. We went to the pool here at Star Island yesterday and they had fireworks last night. Although any activities yesterday were done in between rain showers! We are going to The Blue Man show at the Universal theme park tonight. I will give more details and pictures on some of these things after we get home. I am still having some trouble with the Internet connection here.