Friday, March 26, 2010

New Photographer

I have a friend that is giving away a free photo session. I have a new button on the right- to go to her website to see some sample photos. She does good work :) Janey Pie Photography.
PS- Sam, can you also add that button to under "Area Business Partners"?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shhh... Don't Tell Alex

(Annie, kind of, beat me to this post. You will have to look at her last comment on her spring break post) While she was here at our house, I made her go shopping! Recently I realized that Annie is (a funny :) combination of Ron's personality and my personality. From me- she is very low key. Neither one of us will get any awards for "drama queen". Which means she is very patient with the boys. Also from me- she is very creative. She would claim she doesn't like "crafty" things- but as we have all seen recently she is pretty "crafty" with cute birthday parties! Also from me- her love language is acts of service. You can always find her doing something for others. From Ron- she loves to read. (I'm sure it is difficult to get that quiet time at home) Also from Ron- she loves to watch basketball on TV. That trait is hereditary, Nathan already has it :)
Also from Ron- she hates to shop. AND have you ever tried going to pick out clothes and try them on with 3 boys? One in a stroller and two others running around the store! No wonder she hates to shop :) So I scheduled mom and Janet to work at the store and I came home to babysit the boys. I handed her a gift card (from GG) and cash from me. I said, "Don't come back until either the money is gone or the stores close". I also knew that not only is it hard for her to shop, but she needs maternity clothes. So... off she went and came back 7 hours later. While she was gone, I fed the boys ice cream with green whip cream on top and chocolate cookies with green frosting! (it was St. Patricks day :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Day

We had a busy week with Annie and the boys. Activities included a Rockets game, the rodeo, mini golf, Monkey Biz (indoor inflatable play place), the children's museum, the arcade at the mall, the play ground, and the park. They actually stayed an extra day, because it was SNOWING in Oklahoma on the 20th of March. Now its a new spring day in Texas. Time to put away the St. Patricks Day decor and get out the Easter stuff. Time to clean the bathroom, wash the towels, put toys away, wash the bedding, find the toys and food under the furniture, clean the kitchen, put toys away, do the laundry, vacuum, put toys away, clean out the refrig, dust, mop the floor, and did I mention- put toys away :) :) I got a good start on these things- the bedding is washed, and (piled) on the bed. Still some more vacuuming to do and mop the floor AGAIN. "Green" decor put away, but didn't get all of the Easter things out yet. I will gradually get those things done this week- but time to go to work now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

BBall Tonight

Tonight is the night that Ron has tickets to the Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets game. He, Annie, Nathan, and Jared went to the game.

I stayed home with big O.

We played our new bowling game- with a red and black soccer ball and 10 plastic water bottles. Who needs expensive toys? :) We also played in the ball pit, went outside for a walk (actually I walked, and Owen sat in the stroller :) We played with the plastic cars on the road rug. We took a bath and ate snacks- then Owen went to bed about 8:15. I cleaned up the house and now I'm about to go to bed. No traffic, or crowded stadium, or expensive junk food, or bball for me. But that's okay- I'm the one who has to get up and go to work tomorrow. Everyone else gets to gear up to go to the rodeo tomorrow night. No early bed time for the boys!
They are at Baba's house :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Las Vegas or Lost Wages?

On Thursday I flew to Las Vegas and Alison met me there. We went to "Las Vegas the Market", which is the bridal market. We stayed in the Rio, which is also where the convention was. (The room was really nice) This was my third time to go to the market there. We were at the market from 8-3 on Friday. It was Alison's first time to experience Las Vegas- or Lost Wages, as the airplane steward called it. She was unimpressed with "sin city" :) Since we don't smoke, drink, or gamble- what else is there to do? The bad part of Las Vegas is that all of those things are right there in your face whether you want them or not. After our ladies night out on Friday night, we even went back to the hotel smelling like beer. That was because as we were standing in line for a shuttle, a drunk guy staggered off the shuttle, dropping his big foam cup of beer and splashing the people standing in line waiting to get on the shuttle. Alison and I both had beer dripping from our hair and clothes. For our night out- I took her to the Venetian to see the shops,and have dinner and dessert. Saturday morning we went to check out the Wyndham Grand Desert- we are going there for Christmas. It will be nice. Yesterday, I left Las Vegas about 4:40 pm, Alison left about 6:00 pm- I got the Houston the same time she got to Salt Lake City- 7:30 pm. Then I lost two hours for time change and then another hour of daylight sayings- lost 3 hours in an instant! Made for a short night.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

I have been on a 3 month draught of not seeing any of the kids.
Now I get to see several of them within two weeks.

Ashley, Daniel, and their kids showed up last weekend. I will see Alison for a couple of days. Then Annie and her boys are coming for spring break, starting this Saturday. For Ashley and Daniel, it was just a quick weekend visit. Daniel gets free flights right now, and they took advantage of those. For the past couple of days I have been recleaning the house, changing bedding, sorting out toys, getting ready for the second round of grandsons. Annie, Nathan, Jared, and Owen will arrive here Saturday and stay for a week. Two of the activities planned will be the rodeo and the Rockets game.
Between now and then, I am flying to Las Vegas. Alison is meeting me there to go to a national Bridal Market. See when it rains, it pours. Either nothing going on- or everything going on :) Now if my sinus infection will just go away- things will be grand. (I went in yesterday and got the "miracle shot" of steroids)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Surprise Visit

We had a surprise visit from
"the princess p"-
oh yeah, and she brought her mom and dad and brother. It was a fun weekend. Nothing extraordinary, but just some family time. Fun to see some kids that we don't see very often.