Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old Dog- New Tricks

While I think the whole "global warming" thing is a hoax, there are a few things that I think we can be doing that are environmentally friendly. Old habits die hard, but here are a few ideas I have found.

Reusable shopping bags, instead of plastic bags.
Many of the stores have these available now. The trick here is always having the bags in the car and then remembering to take them in and use them! I am hoping to eliminate to two large trash cans full of plastic bags, that we keep saving for some reason :) I am having a hard time giving up on my plastic sandwich and snack bags, though. I'll still have to work on that one.

Refillable plastic water bottles.
I have been working on buying less bottled water for some time now. The other day I found these fun plastic water bottles- there were five of them in the package. Easy to drink out of and they don't taste like a plastic bottle.

Rechargeable batteries and compost bucket.

These two things don't actually go together :)
I don't use very many batteries, except for my camera- but I decided recharging those batteries was a simple task.
The bucket is how we collect "compost" for the garden. All of the veggie/ fruit/food scraps go in there until they go out to the garden.

Economy size mouthwash and hand soap.

There is actually one size bigger, economy, mouthwash than what is in the picture. I keep a small bottle and just refill it from the big one. I also discovered that my favorite hand soap has a refill, economy size, and I can reuse the cute plastic dispenser bottle instead of throwing it away. I also do the same, "refill", idea on shampoo and laundry soap. Always check the price on the "big sizes" to be sure they are actually an economic value. I have been surprised lately that the "bigger", "two bag" cereal box actually costs more than buying two smaller boxes that equal the same amount of cereal. I am also trying to stock up and buy bulk in things like light bulbs, toilet paper, etc. My motivation there is simple- having extra on hand to keep me from running to the store at the last minute when things run out.
So no, "new ideas"- just I'm finally catching on :)hehe

Friday, April 23, 2010


Found this from the Texas Association of Business on FB :) It's funny...but it's not.

Friday, April 16, 2010

That's No Angry Mob...

that's my mom...and dad. :) There is a new book out by the title, "That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom". It is a book talking about team Obama's assault on the Tea Party and Talk Radio. It claims it is a hilarious, unique, irreverent look at the Tea Party movement. I haven't read the book, but I kept thinking about that title when Ron and I were on our way to the north Houston, Tax Day, Tea Party last night. How will I explain to my children that is no angry mob, that's me (and Ron)? :)
Sorry, but we fit the profile of Tea Party Conservatism. The Tea Party stands for limited government, upholding the constitution, free markets and economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, secure borders, the right to bear arms, etc. As the tax deadline was yesterday, and Americans filed their tax returns, Obama thought we should be saying "thank you" rather than protesting. Sorry, but the spending and taxing is completely out of control- no "thank you" for that. The north Houston Tea Party last night was 10,000 average American, Texans that think we pay too much in taxes and the government needs to be limited. They claim that come November, a red, white, and blue tsunami will hit Washington DC. To see more info. on the Tea Party, go to

And sorry, but Ron and I are also Glenn Beck fans. (Comments on that will be saved for another post), but his program this week has been focusing on "radical" things like cutting the government budget in half. He claims that EVERYONE will be angry with him by the end of the week because there are no "sacred cows". For those of you who don't watch his show or listen to his radio program- give it a try. And you can't just listen in or watch on a occasional basis- you might only get in on his unique (some times mocking, some times irritating) "entertainment" value and miss out on his real values, like faith, hope, and charity. Check it out for a week or two at least.
Oh yeah, and I'm also proud to be a Texan. (As if I haven't already offended you enough :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets

The state flower of Texas is the Bluebonnet and they are blooming right now. This afternoon we drove just west of Katy to see some of them. There are huge fields covered with blue/purple blooms. Very pretty sight. My pictures aren't too bad for just a simple Samsung camera. I'm sure someone with a great camera would have a great time taking pictures.

Here I am, next to Ron, in my Johny Cash outfit (black shirt with black pants :) I wore the black shirt with a colored skirt to church and then just slipped on the black pants when we got home- I wasn't thinking about any one taking my picture :)

Ron said the afternoon drive reminded him of going on Sunday drives when he was growing up. Only living in Colorado, his family would go look at the Aspen trees.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Couple Thoughts on Gardening

Here are a couple thoughts on gardening...
In this day and age of fast food, drive through ordering, and super markets filled with endless choices, why would anyone need gardening? One answer might be to know what to do, just in case, for some reason, later on, maybe in case of severe circumstances, we need to grow our own food. (One of those things that we never think we might need.) Anyway...a good reason to at least attempt gardening is to learn what it takes to make things grow. Remember when Ron first built our garden and planted some seeds- nothing grew very well. It turned out that the soil needed alot of extra nutrients to be able to produce anything. Now that he has that problem solved, we are actually harvesting food. Not a huge amount, but at least enough to be learning about how to garden. If Ron hadn't learned the whole "soil lesson" and we needed to grow our own food- we would have been very, very hungry for several months :) So my advice, is that if you ever think you might need to grow your own food- start practicing now. (Even if it's only a small plot) Now if I can get him to figure out how to grow chocolate cookies, ice cream, and cheese cake, along with the beets, carrots, broccoli and lettuce, we will be all set :) :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Dinner

Some of my kids and I have had some discussion this week about how to prepare some of the food they remember having for Easter dinner. It seems that the common memory is ham, scalloped potatoes, and jello/cool whip salad. I don't think I served that every Easter, but that seems to be what most of them remember. Since everyone is "on their own" for this holiday weekend- several requests came in- " do I fix ....?
It seems that Annie was quick to supply my potato recipe and her lemon/lime pie recipe. Alison's request was for frog eye salad. It's fun that they actually think we had some traditions :) Now that they are each married they are combining what were our family traditions with their spouses family traditions. Good thing they don't live with us any more- our dinner may not be traditional.
My only question is...
If I eat all of my beets...
and spinach...

and broccoli...

Can I have raspberry pie for dessert?

Looks like Ron figured out the gardening thing :)
Marie Callender makes the pie. I will try to come up with ham and potatoes- but no jello or frog eyes :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Did I Do This Week?

Lets see... what did I do this week? I went to the dermatologist for my annual "spot check". Got one spot on my nose frozen and one spot on my leg cut out :) I returned a pair of pants that weren't quite the right size for Ron- got some pajamas for me instead :) I went to the hair dresser, got a new hair cut and all of my grey roots colored :) Cleaned out the garage- or at least got rid of the trash and just re stacked everything else, so it at least looks like I did some thing :) Cleaned out cupboards and closets, so that I could put away some cans of beans, rice, spaghetti, milk, and oatmeal. Realized that we have 4 crock pots and way too many dishes :) I put a few Easter packages in the mail. Sorry, but you if you are older than 7 you didn't get one :) I finished getting out all of the Easter decorations, pretty much rabbits everywhere :) It is prom season at my store. Today was Thursday, that seems like Friday. Tomorrow will be Friday that seems like Saturday. Saturday will seem like Saturday. After two Saturdays in a row, I will need a break by Sunday :) We are to the point of desperate prom dress shoppers who waited too long to get the dress they really wanted and are trying to figure out what plan "B" is. Good luck with that :)