Sunday, May 30, 2010

This and That

I had to post something, because I'm tired of looking at my previous post :) So here are some random, unrelated items for this week.
Since we don't have any kind of outdoor grill, the only way we could have a Memorial Day cookout was to accept the invitation to host an adult potluck dinner at our house, last night. That way, someone who is really good at cooking beef and pork showed up with the meat and everyone else brought side dishes and dessert. I made sure the house was ready and Ron made sure that the yard was ready. The plan was to have places for people to sit inside the house, inside on the back porch, and out side on the deck and the yard. As it turned out, everyone ended up sitting inside on our back porch- it was alittle crowded, to say the least, but worked out very well when a huge rainstorm hit.
(I'm sorry that I didn't take any pictures)
Now after a usual quiet Sunday, Ron and I are wondering what to do tomorrow. Should we work, should we play, should we do nothing. We have at least decided that we don't need to get up early. I was hoping to paint 3 walls of my living room, but as it turns out, I am not quite prepared for that at this point. (I may go shop for paint tomorrow though.) I didn't have much chance this past week to shop. Which leads to the rest of my post. Here is my jacket story for this week. (Only Alison and Sam's mom have a chance of relating to this story, because they have some sewing experience) On Tuesday I received an order for a jacket, which needed to be ready by next Tuesday. On Wednesday, I did a fitting to determine size and went shopping for the desired fabric. On Thursday I made a jacket out of satin and a basic lining. Then did another fitting to be sure the sleeve was the correct size and length. For the final project I needed to make another jacket. At breakfast, on Friday morning, I said to Ron, "It was time for me to get up, I made a jacket three times last night". I had spent most of the night dreaming about how to make this jacket. I would be using fabric that I am not very familiar with and just "making up" a technique for putting it together. (I had warned my customer that we were in "uncharted territory") Anyway... here are the two jackets, and the customer bought both of them. (They were ready for her yesterday- now I don't have to spend tomorrow sewing :) The difficult one was the chiffon fabric, lined with chiffon fabric, with a satin band around the edge.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Ron took me to a baseball game on Thursday evening. We went to the Astros/Rockies game. We sat with the Schools of Mines alumni. Ron spent some time talking with a gentleman that he played football with at the School of Mines. They decided that they were the oldest alumni there :) It was a good game considering that the Rockies won. Besides our tickets included "all you could eat" hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and soda. What more could you want?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Granbury, Texas

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn.
We had fried catfish and shrimp for dinner on Friday.
We had fried eggs, bacon, homemade toast and pancakes for breakfast. We wandered around some cute little shops.
We ate french fries, hamburger, and grilled cheese for lunch.
We wandered around some more cute little shops.
We went to Granbury Live and listened to a great country fiddler and country music.
We wandered around some more cute little shops.
We ate chicken fried steak, and fried chicken for dinner at Babes.
We went to the Granbury Opera and listened to "Broadway Music".
We went to church on Sunday morning.
We ate salad, soup, chicken sandwich, and fried onion rings for lunch.
Okay...probably too many cute little shops and too much fried food! :)
But... fun time with Sam and Aud.

Lot # 378

Lot #378, Bridlegate, Bandera, Texas. The front edge is on Palomino Springs drive, the back edge is on the Medina river. So... this is where we think we might build a house.

This what the front looked like in December.

This is what the front looks like now.

This is what the back looked like in December.

This is what the back looks like now.

Most of the cedar trees are cleared out. Although we need to have some more cleared away. Now our other problems are BUGS, ROCKS, and THISTLES, basically lots and lots of those things. It's going to take alot of work! We still can't visualize a house there, but we picked out a few trees to build "tree houses" in :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Later

We had a good weekend. I will post more later...for now, I have to get back to reality and back to work :) but here are just a few pics.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This weekend, Ron and I are going on a little trip. For some strange reason, I couldn't get Sam and Aud to spend THEIR anniversary with us, but I could get them to spend OUR anniversary with us :) Tomorrow evening they are meeting us in Granbury, Texas. We are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. We will just "hang around" on Saturday. The original forecast was 91 and humid. Now it is 79 and rainy. I am hoping that Granbury is one of those fun Texas towns to visit. There is a lake there and a city beach. There is also a historic district with shows and shops. There is a marina, a chocolate shoppe, an opera house, a place called "Granbury Live" with country music, and a drive in movie theater. On Sunday, church is at 11:00 and only 7 minutes from where we are staying. After church and lunch, Sam and Aud will go back to Wylie and we are going to Kerrville. We will spend Sunday night there and then go to Bandera on Monday morning. We are hoping that our property has a "river front" (actually it's a "river back" :) and no cedar trees. In other words, we are hoping that the water is back after the drought and that they have cleared our lot. We are going to sit out there and plan a few tree houses for Ron to build :) We need to be back home Monday afternoon, Ron has a basketball game at 5:30. should be a fun "get away" weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I am so grateful for Ron and for our family. I am totally in love with the fact that we still like each other. (Okay, so maybe I'm in love with him, too :) On Ashley's face book page she has a "Wedding Book", that says they have been married 642 days-- so here is our number-- 12,408 days! That's a long time :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He's Good (and a Sixth Grader)


Ron planted some new "stuff" in the garden. He kept telling us that he had a new squash plant that was doing great. He also has some onions, corn, radishes, more beets, peas, and beans. But, if you ask me his squash plant....

is a pumpkin. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

For Mothers Day

For Mothers Day, Ron unclogged my sink in our bathroom.


For Mothers Day, Ron took mom and me out for dinner last night. (He made me eat a whole pile of onion rings and then fried chicken and shrimp :)
He also made the ultimate sacrifice and went shopping at WalMart to buy me a small suitcase that I wanted. (I am going to use it for my 72 emergency kit- a small suitcase, WITH wheels :) While I was in the shower this morning, he made the bed and then put the suitcase on my side.

He also cooked breakfast. (He made me eat an omelet and toast instead of my usual milk and cereal :)

Pink roses for GG and red roses for me.

Thank you very much.

Friday, May 7, 2010

My How Time Flies

Here is my baby...

and her babies...

And she is 23 today...

that makes me really old! :) :)

Happy Happy Birthday.
Have a great day. You are amazing and
we love you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Cost of Doing Business

You won't believe this one...
At my store I have a "Zebra" label printer. It is what we use to print all of the price tags for the dresses. They come in a roll. Each roll has been costing me $7. Last week I got a phone call from someone at the place where I buy the labels. He was telling me that there was a price increase on the labels that I use. He wanted to talk to me about some other options. My labels that have been $7 a roll ...

are now $92.69 per roll. (not kidding :)