Monday, January 31, 2011


Mondays are my - one day a week off- do all of my errands- clean the house- grocery shopping- doctor appointment- get caught up at the store- everything else- whatever I want to do- day. When Ron walked in the house alittle after
5 pm, I was in my pajamas fixing dinner. Yep- I did it, today I didn't go out of the house (except to the shed, in the back yard once :) I can't even remember the last time I had a day where I didn't go anywhere. And I was dressed most of the day. By mid afternoon it was 80 degrees up stairs where I was working- so I put my pajamas back on- coolest clothes I could find. And since it will be freezing tomorrow I wasn't about to turn the air conditioner on. Anyway... after I did a few other things- I cleaned out the closet in our bedroom. Actually, what I did, was took all of my stuff out and now that is Ron's closet. (I hope he reads this tonight- before he is hunting around in there for his clothes in the morning :) I'm sure that I totally messed up "his system". I did find the pair of pants that was missing though.

One of the things that I can't figure out is why they would build a closet like this. It's not unusual- lots of homes have them. The doors open in the center, but on each side of the doors there is 3-4 feet of closet space that is really hard to get to. I guess you have to store stuff there that you don't really want to find. lol   Because once I hang clothes there it's really difficult to see what is there. When we were sharing this closet the clothes were hanging so close together there was no space to slide the hangers any direction. At least with less stuff in there you can slide the hangers a little.

Don't feel too sorry for me giving up half of this closet- it just means that I am using both closets in the two spare bedrooms now. lol
And this closet may look organized- but I'm not going to show you what the two spare bedrooms look like right now. The extra stuff had to go somewhere until I can do something with it. (and one bedroom already had Christmas stuff in it waiting to go to the attic).

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