Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Funny(?) Little Quirk

A little quirk this week...
A couple of weeks ago I tried to pay off a balance on a credit card for my store. I always make payments online- so I did that. I paid the balance due. But, that amount did not include alittle more interest, an amount of $67.57. So I went online this week to pay that amount. When I get to the website it says, balance $67.57. It also says minimum payment due in April is $68.00. So I put in the $67.57 as the amount that I want to pay. It won't let me pay that amount because it is less than the payment amount that is due. So, I decide, okay, I'll pay the $68.00. When I put in that amount to pay- I can't pay that either, because it is more than the balance on the account. lol
Then I am hunting around on the website for a phone number to call, to talk to someone. I see that there is a fee for making a payment over the phone. (I'm thinking, okay, I'm not paying that fee- but I call to talk to someone anyway) To make a long story short- if I pay over the  phone using a real person then I have to pay the fee. If I pay on the phone using the automated system there is no fee. So I paid $67.57 that way :) I hope that I am really done with that card.

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