Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Interesting Article

(Click on the words below- "Mormon Values". It will go to an article from the Washington Post on The

Mormon Values

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Link

Scroll down to the very bottom of my blog list- there is a new link there. It has a cute, cute birth announcement on it for whiteeyebrowsJR.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ron and I get up very early Monday through Saturday and we work long hours each day- especially on Saturdays. Saturdays are the busy day at the store and Ron usually has a long day of basketball and yard work. Yesterday, I got home from the store about 6:30, fixed dinner, then went grocery shopping- by 9:30, I was done. (In more ways than one :) Since we go to church on Sunday afternoon- Sundays have been our only "no alarm clock" day. (the only day when we could get up, when we wake up) But... now that Ron has some new responsibilities at church- he has to be at a meeting at 9 am on Sunday. we both got up at 7 am- he took a shower and then got dressed while I fixed breakfast. I was in my pajamas until 10- but by that time I had eaten breakfast with Ron, put beef stew in the crock pot, baked a rhubarb pie, and cleaned up the kitchen from all of that cooking. (hehe) Then I still had time to take a shower, get myself ready for church and then take a few pics. with my camera. The rest of this post is just a few random pics. around the house- finally no Christmas stuff- we have moved on to Spring :) (I am gradually using some new colors around the house- trying to get away from my traditional "country- burgundy, green, and gold" look.)

(Click on each picture and it will enlarge, so you can see it better)

I perked up one of the extra bedrooms with a new quilt and some spring colors.

Random Easter decor.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My Dad, an amazing man, had a birthday on Monday- 80 years old. My brothers and I were there for a celebration on Saturday evening. (After having a 3 hour delay at the airport- I was late for dinner :) Doug was kind enough to pick me up on Saturday and then returned me to the airport on Monday. 

I gave Dad an new little photo book- (he gets that about once a year :) It's hard to keep up with all of those great grandkids that keep coming :)

Happy Birthday. We love you.

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have made enough jackets, at my store, that I know it takes me exactly 2 1/2 hours to make 1 jacket, from start to finish. To make 4 jackets, does not take 4 times as long, because you can cut out double and work assembly line style. The tricky part of that is keeping the right pieces together for each jacket. But... when I sew for 10 minutes, then go answer the phone. Sew for 5 minutes, then go wait on a customer. Sew for 5 minutes, then go clean out the dressing room. Sew for 10 minutes then go ship a dress. Sew for 15 minutes, then go pay a few bills. Sew for 10 minutes, then go check the email. Sew for 5 minutes, then go check on an order. Sew for 30 minutes, then go help another customer try on a dress. Sew for 10 minutes, then go answer the phone again. (I think you get the idea :)

 It took me 4 days to make 4 jackets. lol

(This was actually last week. I just got my cable back, to attach my camera to the computer. Yes!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


First- Ron always claims that when he is gone, I rearrange the house, so that he can't find anything :) Nothing major, most of the furniture has to stay where it is, no options there, but I usually clean out cupboards and closets. I haven't had a chance to do that this week. I have had other projects to work on. He might be disappointed? (Okay, he will need to look in a drawer in the bathroom for some of us stuff- I did declutter the counter there.)
Second- I have to admit, I might be in love with another guy :) Paul Ryan has come up with a plan to cut 6 trillion dollars from the government budget. Disappointed? I don't think so- go PR!!
Third- Ron gets back on Saturday afternoon... about an hour after I leave to go to Denver. He might be disappointed, but I will only be gone for two days :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sam, Audrey, and little Eli got here on Thursday evening. Mom and I were at my store until about 8 pm that night (We were doing a photo shoot there- that took alittle longer than expected. We will have more details on that later) Anyway... we had late dinner at Wendys. On Friday, Sam installed four serveillance cameras at my store. Aud worked on my website. We went out for dinner to Chili's on Friday evening. Yesterday Sam and Aud came to the store for a while and then hung around at the house. They left this afternoon to return home. It was fun to spend some time with them- especially for mom to see Eli. This weekend, Sam earned lots of "brownie points" toward son-in-law of the year :) He probably thinks, "No wonder Audrey doesn't cook- her mom doesn't cook either" :) Okay, I did cook today- in fact, Ron called me this morning when I was cooking bacon. I teased him that he called because he "smelled the bacon". One of the side benefits of having company, is that my house is all cleaned up- feels great. Also, in case you are wondering, I can't blog very well right now- I lost the cable to connect my camera to my computer. It's hard for me to blog without pictures :) I'll be back when I solve that little problem.