Friday, May 6, 2011

30 Something- House

For the next month or so, I will be posting about "30 Something"- for your entertainment (?) and our embarrassment :)
Ron and I will be celebrating our 30 something anniversary this month. (okay- 35 to be exact). So here is my first post called "30 Something- House".
During the past year, we have attended church several times with Sam and Audrey. A while back we realized that one of our first homes was right there close to the building where they attend church. On one trip there, Ron and I wandered around thinking that we might recognize it if we saw it- yeah right. I realized that I needed the exact address in order to find it. In a nutshell... we found it last week, when we were there for Eli's blessing. Have you ever had the experience of returning somewhere, as an adult, that was familiar to you as a child? Did you realize that what you thought was "very big" as a child is actually "very small"? So we lived at this house as young adults and returned as old adults- but the same principle still applies- I can't imagine how we ever lived in this "tiny house". The house right now is actually vacant, so Ron and I were able to walk around the yard and look in the windows. I have NO memories what-so-ever of living there. I only have a few old pictures. Moral of this story- take more pictures and keep a journal! The girls don't like it when I take pictures of "stuff and rooms"- but I am really wishing that I had lots of pictures of "stuff and rooms" right now.  

Brand new house June 1977.

Back of the house- Mustang in the garage and Subaru in the drive way.

The only picture of the dining room, looking out the front window. This room was just big enough for a small round table and a high chair.

Living room. Notice the rust colored carpet :) When we looked in the back door to this room, it was unbelievable how small it was. I think we had a sofa, a love seat, and that black trunk and nothing else would fit :) Small fireplace in the corner- hallway behind me goes to the dining room (to the left), the front door (center) and then to the right for 3 bedrooms.

Gotta love that carpet :)

The house, May 2011.

Back view- now has a covered porch and fenced yard.

If you look really close to the background of this pic- I am standing on the driveway in the back yard- so you are looking toward the east- just empty space. This was one of the first houses built here. Now when you look that direction there is a major street there and lots more houses. No wonder we couldn't recognize anything :)

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