Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thirty Something- Hair

My daughters will love this one... When they would look at old photos of themselves, they would always ask me, "Why did you fix my hair like that?" I would usually respond, "Because, that is how you wanted it." They would just laugh. So when I looked at my hair in a picture from July 1977, I was wondering, "What was I thinking? Why did I fix my hair like that?" lol

The picture on the left- July 1977, I am holding our first child.
The picture on the right- May 2011, I am holding our tenth grand child.
(30 years from now, I will look back and wonder,
"Why did I fix my hair like that?")


Annie said...

I remember wanting to get my hair crimped all the time. And I hate the pictures of me with big poofy bangs. Looking at old pictures of you, I don't remember very many of the same hairstyle. I think you changed it often.

Debora said...

Haha- One of these days, I am going to do a few scrapbook pages of "my hair"- just to see all the different styles- I like change.

A2 said...

What? No mention of Dad's hair?!?? Hahahaha
I think both hair-do's are epic!!!

Debora said...

Looks like my post is back- but the comments are gone :)

Ashley and Daniel said...

HA funny... Why did Ron do his hair like that?