Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spare Parts

Over the years I have allowed the medical community to convince me that my body has spare parts that sometimes are no longer neccesary. When I was a child the first thing to go was my tonsils. I guess my body never really did miss those. Yep, bad sore throat for a while, but then everything was fine.
Then later, a doctor convinced me that some small bones in my toes needed to be shorten and put back together, removing some of the bone. As a result, I have some really funny looking toes. (Although toes are pretty funny looking to begin with.) Then a few years ago, another doctor convinced me that a major female reproductive organ was no longer needed.  That surgery threw my body into major hormonal depletion. Plus I think my body responded to that removal with fat replacement. There was an empty place there, let's fill it up with fat. Only thing is, I am sure there is more fat there now, than the organ that was removed. And... the original reason for the surgery was not solved. Anyway... my most recent spare part is a vein in my left leg. I guess it has gotten stretched, sluggish, blocked, lumpy, etc. And since I don't really need it any more unless I have heart bypass surgery, it will be "zapped" this week. (Even if I did need heart surgery and they needed a new vein, that one in my leg is so damaged that it wouldn't work anyway.)  I think most of the damage here began with 5 pregnancies- so yes, I am blaming this on my children. (But you all know that the blessings have far out weighed the sacrifice of my body) I am scheduled to have this surgery done first thing tomorrow morning. The doctor claims that he uses a Thermalite 1470 laser. Only one little glitch... the machine broke down on Friday and they are hoping to have it fixed or replaced by tomorrow. Is it worse to be the last patient on that machine or the first patient on a new or refurbished one??? And after paying for this procedure our high deductible will be met- if I have any other spare parts, I need to get them all taken care of this year :)

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