Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thirty Something- Birthday

 Look careful- 2 of Mike and 1 of Ryan.

 Looks like, over the years,  he is alittle more comfortable holding babies :)

Have a great day- we love you.
You are a great husband, father, and son.


Micah and Alison said...

Love the old pics... Mike and I were always the chubby ones ;) Particularly love the pics of Mike holding baby now and then, cute comparison! Happy Bday Mike! Love you! :)

Debora said...

Plus the baby he is holding is probably you- Al :)

A2 said...

Those baby pics of Mike and Ryan sure look similar!

Mike said...

Oh brother! What a bunch of cheesiness! Entertaining though. Thanks for taking the time to put these pictures together and for thinking of me on my birthday!

Debora said...

Ryan has your nose and mouth and Carrie's eyes.