Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Four Grandsons

Back in Houston

We came back to 105 degree weather from 75 degree weather :) The weather really was beautiful in CA. Out of the last two weeks, there were only two days when it was "too hot" in the house there. Everything in CA is outrageously expensive, except heating and cooling costs- then there are none. We had a great time with the grandsons. We did our grandparents job of spoiling them rotten :) The time just flew by- one day just blurred into the next- most of the time I didn't even know what day it was. Annie insisted that we use the Santa Barbara airport rather than LA. (the SBA is only 10 minutes from their house) Going out we had to change planes in Phoenix and coming back we had to change planes in LA. The SBA is an interesting place- it's small. The same guy that checked us in, also loaded bags, refueled the plane, scanned our boarding pass to get on the plane and then pulled all of the equipment away so that the plane could leave. And on a flight to LA, the plane is on the SBA runway and the LA runway longer than it is in the air (only 22 minute flight). Our flight from LA to Houston was good. It was a smaller plane- which at first made me nervous- I figured I would have motion sickness. But it was a smoother take off and landing than a big plane. It was pretty noisy- we were near the back close to the engines. The plane was really clean and in great condition on the interior. Our only problem was the really, really smelly (and loud) drunk guys sitting right in front of us. As soon as we got home we turned on Fox news and went to our seperate computers! hehe (we had no TV and had to share a computer for two weeks) I couldn't sleep much last night- don't know if it was the Mexican food we ate at 9 pm (Ron would not stop at Sonic, so I could get a hot dog :) - too much to think about, trying to get back to work this week- just too wound up- just over tired- or a combination of all?  Enough of this rambling- I've got stuff to do!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Done !

I quit ! I can't take it any more !



Momma is home- it's time for us to go home :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Won, I Think

Owen (the 2.5 year old) and I had a rough day. He got up on the wrong side of the bed. He really needed a nap this afternoon- but refused to stay ON the bed. After quite a struggle here is how he was sleeping. I think I won, because he is a sleep. On second thought, maybe he won, because he is not ON the bed :) 

Friday, July 22, 2011

On Vacation

Other than the "honey do" list (and one "honey don't"), Ron must think he is on vacation. Playing games, sleeping in each morning, drinking Slurpees, eating more pasta, meat, and pancakes than he gets at home, and his shaver must be broken. I have heard it running a few mornings, but there doesn't seem to be any hair missing from his face. And it's grey!!! Looking pretty old for his age :) Besides, I think I have fallen in love with a younger man- he is really cute and he loves to shop.

My Other Zoo Picture

Here is my other zoo picture, that I lost in my other post. 

The Zoo was a ZOO...

of kids. I have never seen so many buses of kids in one place. Day Care, Summer Camp, Zoo Camp, Scouts etc. Tons of screaming, whining, fussing, pushing, shoving, crying, running, kids! Our kids were fine and the animals were good, but the zoo was a little too much ZOO for me :)
(I had another picture, but I just lost it. I thought I was being smart to load several photos at once and then just come back later to finish the post- but that is having problems)

A Tube of Light Sticks

For a $1 at Michaels I bought a tube of light sticks- cheap entertainment!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shhh...Don't Tell Annie

Okay, so remember when we move to Bandera, Papa's retirement project is tree houses in our back yard-
he has been practicing here. One day when he found all three boys climbing in a tree- he must have had a "light bulb" moment. Then next two days were nothing but pieces of wood and rope. I told him it wasn't a good idea- he ignored me. I told him it needed to be "two year old" friendly- it's not. If Charlie is upset about having pieces of wood tied in his tree- he will probably cut papa some slack, because papa fixed the garbage disposal. (Charlie said he wanted to hire him as a handy man :)
Annie, you and Alex will have to decide if the tree house stays or goes. It probably needs to be supervised.
Remember how hard is it to reason with a 2 year old and a 57 year old??? hehe

The boys think it's cool- I just try not to watch :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GPS Malfunction?

Here was the best conversation of the day. (We had decided to take the boys to what they called the dinosaur park. Which meant it was a play ground with a metal dinosaur to climb on. Remember, we are mostly relying on Nathan as our GPS for directions) 
Nathan, "turn right"- Owen, "turn left". (repeated about 15 times) After turning right-
Nathan, "papa go straight". (repeated about 5 times)
When papa turned left rather than going straight-Nathan screams, "Recalculating!" (repeated about 5 times)
Then, Nathan, "okay, I will tell you how to turn around." "Turn right." When papa does not respond as directed- Nathan, "Whatever!" "You are going the long way around!" It was much funnier than what I can type here :) So was it actually a GPS malfunction or was it trying to reason with a driver malfunction??? :)

Since this is Annie's life line to her babies- I am trying to post pretty often. But working on a "foreign" computer and even trying to get computer time is making my life difficult :) 

 Annie informed me that the boys only get "treats" twice a week- on Monday evening and Friday evening. But she also left me with homemade popsicles, birthday cupcakes, and a cupboard full of pudding. What's a grandma to do??? (Shhh, we won't even tell her about the ice cream cones at McDonalds, and the frosties at Wendys)

 I only got a couple of pictures at the park- I remembered to take the camera, but forgot to take extra batteries :( I also remembered my purse, the diaper bag, and snacks- but I forgot the "sun scream". Good thing Annie has a "stash of stuff" in the van :)

 I am sure that the 1 year old thinks he is at least 4 years old :)

No explanation needed here. hehe

Monday, July 18, 2011

Number One Rule...

EVERYBODY sleeps when the baby sleeps.
Yeah right, not a chance :)

Here is my other wisdom for the past week-

At McDonald's, pay full price for the ice cream cones, but ask for half the ice cream and spoons.
When you buy three happy meals, be sure to ask for the same toy in each one. (three different toys can only mean a quarrel, or two or three :)
When you take off the babies shoes to dump the sand out, don't leave them on the running board of the van and expect them to still be there when you get home. (actually 1 shoe did make it home- who knows where the other one is)
When you send the 2.5 year old to Home Depot with Ron, he is an angel and comes home with "1" giant Slurpee. (btw- he shared the Slurpee and Ron had to take all three boys with him the next time :)
Hot dogs and pizza give Papa gas.
Life it better when the 1 year old, the 2.5 year old, and Baba all get a nap.
How can all four boys be going at high gear, bouncing off the walls and a few minutes later the baby is asleep with out a peep and it takes the 2.5 year old an hour to "give up"??? 
Just when you think all four boys are cleaned up, dressed and ready to go some where- some body has a poopy diaper and Baba probably has poop and/or drool on her somewhere.
In fact the other day, I was in KMart, I had on my baggy sweat pants, who knows what my hair was like, and I had the three older boys with me, probably in mismatched clothes, with uncombed hair- and the lady in there asked me twice if we wanted to go to the portrait studio- yeah right :)
The two year old declared the he is "the boss"! (and we all believe him)
The back yard is a "dirt-rocks-sticks-paradise"! And my job is to try to keep that dirt from getting on the rug, in the bathroom, in the bed, on the clothes, and in the baby. Yeah right!

PS- It only took me three hours to do this post- I had a few interruptions :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Survived...

the first evening without Annie :) 

We arrived in CA, yesterday evening. The boys were excited to see us. And everyone seems to be fine with having to put up with Baba and Papa- they just don't know exactly how long Momma will be gone :)

This morning while I was drying my hair, Owen came to see what I was doing. 
The conversation went something like this:
Owen, "What are you doing?"
Me, "I am drying my hair."
Owen, "Did you bring that hair dryer with you?"
Me, "Yep."
Owen, "Does Papa use that hair dryer?"
Me, "No."
Owen, "Did he take off  his hair?" :)

This morning I cleaned off the back yard dirt on Weston. Then later, we cleaned off chocolate frosting on Weston. ( Today is his first birthday- so he had birthday cake) Then later, I cleaned off  beach sand on Weston. Then later, I cleaned off  lasagna on Weston. Finally, I cleaned off ice cream cone on Weston and put him to bed. He never made a peep. Of course it was two hours past his bedtime.(we only lost one shoe today- I will need to get him another pair :) 
Annie's flight left at 5:45 today. She was brave enough (or crazy enough) ...
to leave us here alone with the boys :)

This morning at breakfast, Nathan asked, "What are we going to do after Momma leaves?" Ron said, "PARRRTY !".  I said something more realistic, like "Try to figure out dinner and sort out shirts, pants, socks, and underwear from the clean clothes pile."
At least Annie left us with a GPS in the van- his name is Nathan. (How does it feel to have a 7 year old telling you where to go ? :)  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Few More...

of my favorite pics. from our weekend in Colorado.

 Standing in line waiting for barbecue lunch, downtown Red Feather Lakes.

Me and Annie at Berthoud

Sam, Eli, and Ron at Berthoud

One of the fun things at Dad's was the lake and the geese that live there.

Al, Annie, me, Ashley, Hailey, Aud


Aud and the kids

Daniel, Ash, and kids

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Weekend

Here is why we went...

But it was also...

And we were staying here...

And playing...

And enjoying these...

Which made for a great weekend together...

(Remember, you can click on the photo collages and they will enlarge)