Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in Houston

We came back to 105 degree weather from 75 degree weather :) The weather really was beautiful in CA. Out of the last two weeks, there were only two days when it was "too hot" in the house there. Everything in CA is outrageously expensive, except heating and cooling costs- then there are none. We had a great time with the grandsons. We did our grandparents job of spoiling them rotten :) The time just flew by- one day just blurred into the next- most of the time I didn't even know what day it was. Annie insisted that we use the Santa Barbara airport rather than LA. (the SBA is only 10 minutes from their house) Going out we had to change planes in Phoenix and coming back we had to change planes in LA. The SBA is an interesting place- it's small. The same guy that checked us in, also loaded bags, refueled the plane, scanned our boarding pass to get on the plane and then pulled all of the equipment away so that the plane could leave. And on a flight to LA, the plane is on the SBA runway and the LA runway longer than it is in the air (only 22 minute flight). Our flight from LA to Houston was good. It was a smaller plane- which at first made me nervous- I figured I would have motion sickness. But it was a smoother take off and landing than a big plane. It was pretty noisy- we were near the back close to the engines. The plane was really clean and in great condition on the interior. Our only problem was the really, really smelly (and loud) drunk guys sitting right in front of us. As soon as we got home we turned on Fox news and went to our seperate computers! hehe (we had no TV and had to share a computer for two weeks) I couldn't sleep much last night- don't know if it was the Mexican food we ate at 9 pm (Ron would not stop at Sonic, so I could get a hot dog :) - too much to think about, trying to get back to work this week- just too wound up- just over tired- or a combination of all?  Enough of this rambling- I've got stuff to do!

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