Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GPS Malfunction?

Here was the best conversation of the day. (We had decided to take the boys to what they called the dinosaur park. Which meant it was a play ground with a metal dinosaur to climb on. Remember, we are mostly relying on Nathan as our GPS for directions) 
Nathan, "turn right"- Owen, "turn left". (repeated about 15 times) After turning right-
Nathan, "papa go straight". (repeated about 5 times)
When papa turned left rather than going straight-Nathan screams, "Recalculating!" (repeated about 5 times)
Then, Nathan, "okay, I will tell you how to turn around." "Turn right." When papa does not respond as directed- Nathan, "Whatever!" "You are going the long way around!" It was much funnier than what I can type here :) So was it actually a GPS malfunction or was it trying to reason with a driver malfunction??? :)

Since this is Annie's life line to her babies- I am trying to post pretty often. But working on a "foreign" computer and even trying to get computer time is making my life difficult :) 

 Annie informed me that the boys only get "treats" twice a week- on Monday evening and Friday evening. But she also left me with homemade popsicles, birthday cupcakes, and a cupboard full of pudding. What's a grandma to do??? (Shhh, we won't even tell her about the ice cream cones at McDonalds, and the frosties at Wendys)

 I only got a couple of pictures at the park- I remembered to take the camera, but forgot to take extra batteries :( I also remembered my purse, the diaper bag, and snacks- but I forgot the "sun scream". Good thing Annie has a "stash of stuff" in the van :)

 I am sure that the 1 year old thinks he is at least 4 years old :)

No explanation needed here. hehe


Annie said...

I gotta stop checking in... miss those boys. Weston looks about 6 months older. I guess the difference between Nathan and the GPS is you can turn the GPS off... Nathan just keeps going and going. Sounds like you're having fun.

Micah and Alison said...

Oh my goodness, this totally made my day, Nathan is such a hoot! What a stinkin clever kid... :)

Debora said...

I'm glad we are entertaining everyone! :) We have now survived 1 week.

Debora said...

PS- Annie you best enjoy yourself- you'll be home all too soon. You get the mother of the century award!!!