Monday, July 18, 2011

Number One Rule...

EVERYBODY sleeps when the baby sleeps.
Yeah right, not a chance :)

Here is my other wisdom for the past week-

At McDonald's, pay full price for the ice cream cones, but ask for half the ice cream and spoons.
When you buy three happy meals, be sure to ask for the same toy in each one. (three different toys can only mean a quarrel, or two or three :)
When you take off the babies shoes to dump the sand out, don't leave them on the running board of the van and expect them to still be there when you get home. (actually 1 shoe did make it home- who knows where the other one is)
When you send the 2.5 year old to Home Depot with Ron, he is an angel and comes home with "1" giant Slurpee. (btw- he shared the Slurpee and Ron had to take all three boys with him the next time :)
Hot dogs and pizza give Papa gas.
Life it better when the 1 year old, the 2.5 year old, and Baba all get a nap.
How can all four boys be going at high gear, bouncing off the walls and a few minutes later the baby is asleep with out a peep and it takes the 2.5 year old an hour to "give up"??? 
Just when you think all four boys are cleaned up, dressed and ready to go some where- some body has a poopy diaper and Baba probably has poop and/or drool on her somewhere.
In fact the other day, I was in KMart, I had on my baggy sweat pants, who knows what my hair was like, and I had the three older boys with me, probably in mismatched clothes, with uncombed hair- and the lady in there asked me twice if we wanted to go to the portrait studio- yeah right :)
The two year old declared the he is "the boss"! (and we all believe him)
The back yard is a "dirt-rocks-sticks-paradise"! And my job is to try to keep that dirt from getting on the rug, in the bathroom, in the bed, on the clothes, and in the baby. Yeah right!

PS- It only took me three hours to do this post- I had a few interruptions :)

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