Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Unusual Weekend

BUT... this weekend was unusual in a different way than the last unusual weekend!

This weekend we were Mike and Carrie's last stop before leaving for Angola. For the past couple of weeks, Mike has been off work trying to get everything ready for this move. I can't even imagine what it is like to put some things in storage, some things to pack up and ship, some things to get rid off, two cars to sell, get a house ready to put on the market, and get all of the visas, passports, and paper work complete. Then figure out what they need for the first 6 mos. and pack it up, and travel with 2 kids, a dog, and 30 pieces of luggage. So we are their last stop of aquiring the extra things they need and the last minute packing. Our house is filled with baby stuff, kid stuff, dog stuff, luggage, and boxes but...we are loving it. Hopefully it has also been a brief break for Mike and Carrie, some good food, a true Sabbath day of rest :), and time to see us and Sam and Audrey. (Sam, Audrey and Eli came on Saturday and just left today). In a couple days, I'll do another post with some "people pictures" :) Here are a few nonpeople pics, mostly for Annie, so that she knows that my house is not always neat :) 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unusual Weekend

For those of you who might look at my blog and then look at Ashley and Audrey's blogs- here are some details that are missing. On Saturday morning Ashley got hurt playing in a soccer game. About 1 pm we got the phone call, "there has been an accident, extra prayers are needed". She spent 2-3 hours in an "insta care", then had tests done at one hospital, and then they moved her to another hospital. After a days worth of tests, they determined that she had a spleen laceration. (internal bleeding) For Saturday and Sunday, they thought that they might need to do surgery, if it didn't stop bleeding. So they were monitoring her condition and not allowing her any food or water, in case she had to be taken to surgery. By yesterday morning, her blood count was steady and they decided that she probably did not need surgery. They let her get out of bed and have clear liquids. She had "the best chicken broth she has ever had" :) By yesterday afternoon her blood count was dropping. This morning they decided to remove the IV (maybe too much fluid) and they let her have cream of wheat, yogurt, and juice. (Her blood count had dropped some more, but by this afternoon it had come up 1 point) Looks like she may stay in the hospital the rest of the week. Her blood count needs to come up 10 more points. We are grateful that Alison and Micah have been there to help and Daniel has been right there with her the entire time.  They also have a good church family there to help with the kids and are checking in on a regular basis. After Ashley goes home, the ladies there will probably bring in meals for a few days. We are grateful for all of the prayers for her. (This is a tough way to get a week off of work :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


to look at "WhiteEyebrows Jr." every now and then. It stays at the bottom of my blog list, because it is "tweets". The last two posts there have cute pics. of Eli. You have to click on a link that is there is see the photo. Speaking of Eli- here is one of my favorite pics. for the month.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day Off

I took a day off from work today. Yeah...right, like I haven't had any days off during the past 2 months.hehe Actually I needed a day off where I wasn't babysitting, traveling or shopping. I cleaned a bathroom, a closet, the pantry, and a couple of cupboards. I knew that I had some expired canned food. I had to get rid of that. Then I organized the rest, so now I know what I have and I know what I need to buy. I felt bad throwing away some food, but it feels good to have food, that we can actually eat, on the shelf. I still have two other closets to clean out. One in another bathroom, that is just "stuff" and then another closet that has food storage in it. (OLD food storage- probably another throw away and replace). I need to start thinking about hurricane season. I have friends in Oklahoma praying for a "good" hurricane season that will come through Texas AND Oklahoma. Actually everybody does need the water,  but isn't there another way to get it??? :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bartlesville Weekend

This past weekend, I drove to Wylie and then went to Bartlesville with Sam, Audrey, and Eli. They went to Audrey's class reunion. I went along as the babysitter and to see my friends :)
I didn't come back with very good pictures. In fact, I broke the number one rule, of only taking pictures of people and not things and places. I only have one picture of Sam and Audrey- everything else is things and places. (Sorry, no baby pics. at all- what was I thinking??? :) Since we left Bartlesville, they have remodeled and expanded the High School building. One of the reunion activities was a tour of the building.

Several times in the past we have traveled to various places and we have seen different painted animals. Animals, like cows, fish, bears, horses etc. Right now Bartlesville has painted buffaloes. Here is the Bruin buffalo. (The next picture after that is a collage showing some of the other painted buffaloes. Remember, you can click on the pictures and the collage to enlarge them)

The Saturday evening activities for the reunion were at the Hilton Garden Inn.
(It is just one of the new motels there now. Things change a lot in 8 years)

This is a new Bartlesville sign on the west side of town. One of my friends, took me around Saturday afternoon, to see what is "new" and also what is "old" there- I have pictures of the two houses that we lived in - but I will save those for another post, later.

Here is my one picture of Sam and Audrey. On Sunday, before church, we had a little extra time, so we went to the cemetery there to look for Arika's grave. We found it and I was taking this picture, mostly to just have a reference of landmarks, to help us find it again. We had a great time attending church and seeing "familiar" faces. Someone advised me to call them "familiar faces" rather than "old faces" :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Month is...

anniversary month! 3 of our 5 kids have an anniversary this month. Annie and Alex, tomorrow. Ashley and Daniel on the 9th. Mike and Carrie on the 12th. We are truly blessed to have such great kids- great spouses- and great families.
Happy Anniversary.
I doubt that there is much celebration taking place. Everyone is busy, just living life and taking care of the kiddos. But I am sure that there is some heavenly celebration taking place for such great couples.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nothing to Blog About

There is nothing to blog about- we are back to boring :) hehe
Maybe I will have something next week. I am spending the weekend with Sam and Aud and Eli. It has taken me a week to try to "reprogram" my sleeping. I think while I was at Annie's, I told myself to "sleep light" so that I would hear the baby and/or the boys. That "sleeping light" doesn't work at home. I'm hoping that this week will be better than last week for sleeping. Plus, I am definitely back to work- at least until Friday. That should wear me out :)