Monday, August 8, 2011

Bartlesville Weekend

This past weekend, I drove to Wylie and then went to Bartlesville with Sam, Audrey, and Eli. They went to Audrey's class reunion. I went along as the babysitter and to see my friends :)
I didn't come back with very good pictures. In fact, I broke the number one rule, of only taking pictures of people and not things and places. I only have one picture of Sam and Audrey- everything else is things and places. (Sorry, no baby pics. at all- what was I thinking??? :) Since we left Bartlesville, they have remodeled and expanded the High School building. One of the reunion activities was a tour of the building.

Several times in the past we have traveled to various places and we have seen different painted animals. Animals, like cows, fish, bears, horses etc. Right now Bartlesville has painted buffaloes. Here is the Bruin buffalo. (The next picture after that is a collage showing some of the other painted buffaloes. Remember, you can click on the pictures and the collage to enlarge them)

The Saturday evening activities for the reunion were at the Hilton Garden Inn.
(It is just one of the new motels there now. Things change a lot in 8 years)

This is a new Bartlesville sign on the west side of town. One of my friends, took me around Saturday afternoon, to see what is "new" and also what is "old" there- I have pictures of the two houses that we lived in - but I will save those for another post, later.

Here is my one picture of Sam and Audrey. On Sunday, before church, we had a little extra time, so we went to the cemetery there to look for Arika's grave. We found it and I was taking this picture, mostly to just have a reference of landmarks, to help us find it again. We had a great time attending church and seeing "familiar" faces. Someone advised me to call them "familiar faces" rather than "old faces" :)

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