Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unusual Weekend

For those of you who might look at my blog and then look at Ashley and Audrey's blogs- here are some details that are missing. On Saturday morning Ashley got hurt playing in a soccer game. About 1 pm we got the phone call, "there has been an accident, extra prayers are needed". She spent 2-3 hours in an "insta care", then had tests done at one hospital, and then they moved her to another hospital. After a days worth of tests, they determined that she had a spleen laceration. (internal bleeding) For Saturday and Sunday, they thought that they might need to do surgery, if it didn't stop bleeding. So they were monitoring her condition and not allowing her any food or water, in case she had to be taken to surgery. By yesterday morning, her blood count was steady and they decided that she probably did not need surgery. They let her get out of bed and have clear liquids. She had "the best chicken broth she has ever had" :) By yesterday afternoon her blood count was dropping. This morning they decided to remove the IV (maybe too much fluid) and they let her have cream of wheat, yogurt, and juice. (Her blood count had dropped some more, but by this afternoon it had come up 1 point) Looks like she may stay in the hospital the rest of the week. Her blood count needs to come up 10 more points. We are grateful that Alison and Micah have been there to help and Daniel has been right there with her the entire time.  They also have a good church family there to help with the kids and are checking in on a regular basis. After Ashley goes home, the ladies there will probably bring in meals for a few days. We are grateful for all of the prayers for her. (This is a tough way to get a week off of work :)


The Purtle's said...

oh my!!! Definitely praying!!!

The Wildwood said...

Oh dear that is scary! I hope she gets well soon and everything goes well for Ashley.