Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clinging to my Cell Phone

It was a night of clinging to my cell phone. Ron left on the 3rd of Sept. to go to Beijing, China for a month. Last night I received a call that he was in a hospital. They were doing tests, thinking he had a problem with his appendix. At the time of this call they were getting ready to take him to another hospital for a better test and possible surgery. Since I am a novice on such experiences, I hadn't even asked the name of the hospital. And I had a vague idea of what hotel his was staying in, but not specific information. Within a few minutes, I had sent text messages to three of the girls, an email to Mike, and a phone call to Annie. Within an hour, thanks to Sam and Aud (and thanks to email, google maps, google search, and the Internet) we had determined the hospital, the hotel, and email addresses for three branch presidents there. Branch Pres. Johnson (Beijing First Branch) replied, saying that the Elders Quorum pres. worked at ConocoPhillips and someone would go to the hospital. (that didn't happen before the surgery, but I'm sure someone will be going there soon). Thanks to google search, I was able to find the Beijing Marriott Northeast and the phone number on the website matched a number in my call log, on my phone. (that info. helped us feel like we were in the correct part of Beijing for the hospital and the church branch). Then we waited...
We thought we were going to get a call about the test results in a few minutes, but that turned into 2 hours. Then surgery was scheduled and a 1 1/2 hour surgery with 30 minute recovery room, turned into 4+ hours. Finally about 7:45am (here- which was 8:45pm there) I talked to Ron. They had removed his appendix and part of his large intestine. He will be on antibiotics for 5 days and probably be in the hospital until Monday. I don't expect to hear anything else now until later this evening, when it will be Thursday morning there. I sent mom to work and I am going to (try to) go back to bed for awhile- it was a long night :)

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