Thursday, September 15, 2011

Conference Call

Thanks to Sam, we (all of us girls and I think Micah and Sam were in the background- not sure about Daniel) talked to Ron. Audrey and Sam got him on the phone, then mom and I joined. Then Annie, then Ashley, then Alison. We all got to hear all of the (gory) details of his surgery. It was 10pm here (8pm in CA and 9pm in Utah) and 11 am in Beijing. He also had three of his co-workers in the room. I'm not sure they could hear us, but they could at least hear Ron's side of the conversation. I'm not sure how he felt about the whole thing, but it was fun for the girls. I'm sure it was good for Ron to hear each voice (even though he did most of the talking :) I think his co-workers probably got more details than what they would usually get in a conversation with him. On another note, to have all of us girls as his audience, it was tough to get much sympathy from 6 women who have been through childbirth, Csection, gall bladder removal, hysterectomy, spleen laceration, cancer removal, and joint replacement.  hehe These "guys" just don't have much opportunity to experience blood tests, CT scans, IV's, bowel problems, nausea, and surgery. All jesting aside- Ron (and all of us) are feeling very grateful that he was able to get quick medical attention. His situation was very serious and in need of immediate attention. We are hoping for a quick, uneventful recovery.

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