Monday, September 12, 2011

The Highlights of my Weekend

The bridal market was in Dallas today. That was a perfect excuse for me to go see Sam, Audrey, and Eli. I drove there on Saturday evening, arriving late, and we stayed up until almost midnight. Sam and Audrey had BLACK and yellow balloons, and gave me a video webcam for my birthday. On Sunday they cooked some great shrimp tacos and panna cotta with raspberry sauce (for dessert). Since Annie is trying to convince me to not eat french fries- that may not be a problem. On Saturday evening I ate some french fries that had so much salt on them, I was afraid I was going to OD on salt. (Probably cured me from ordering french fries again :) Tonight I ordered a hamburger without lettuce and onion. Normally I don't order any dessert, but I ordered an apple pie. Good thing, because after the hamburger, I was trying to get rid of the onion and lettuce taste. I should have checked my order before I left the restaurant- my hamburger had only lettuce and onion on it :) I maybe cured of hamburgers now too.
(both Saturday night and tonight I was eating in the car. I got 9 hours of quality(?) driving time in Ron's car).  
I spent about 9 hours at the bridal market. I ordered prom dresses for spring. Also a few accessories, a few shoes and some other dresses.
Here are the highlights of my weekend...
(besides, these are the only pictures I took ) hehe

This picture is for Al, so she can see how cute the flags are that she made for Eli's room.

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