Monday, September 26, 2011

The Lesser of Evils

For me to go to China, was like choosing the lesser of evils. I couldn't decide if it was harder to stay home or harder to go. I've only been on one "over the ocean" flight before, and I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. But after Ron told me to come, I was running strictly on adrenaline and all of the events of the past two weeks have been very surreal for me. For someone who used to love to sleep- that has been hard to find these days. I arrived in China on Sunday afternoon. I stayed at the hospital with Ron on Sunday night and Monday night. There was a sofa bed in his room- at least it barely qualified as a sofa bed :) Monday night was better than Sunday night- I just slept on it as a sofa, rather than pulling it out to make a bed. (On Sunday night I actually didn't spend all that much time on the sofa bed anyway- I mostly sat in the chair). Ron was released from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, then we stayed at a Marriott hotel there. On Wednesday afternoon I went to see the "Forbidden City".
On Thursday, I went to the "Great Wall of China". 

Here, I am standing at the "Great Wall".

It was an amazing site to see, but while I was standing there, I just kept thinking, "How did I get here?!!" The events of the days before that were just a blurr. I am really glad that I went though. My relationship with Ron is even stronger now. (and we had a good relationship before) Besides we are going to have a long and happy marriage now...

because I touched the spot at the "Forbidden City", that grants that :) hehe

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