Saturday, September 3, 2011

This and That

A week ago, we had 8 towels hanging in the bathroom. A week ago, we had all the bedrooms full and Ron and I slept on the sofa bed. A week ago, we had toys every where, dessert everywhere, luggage everywhere :) 
Then Sam, Audrey, and Eli went home. Then Mike, Carrie, Nicholas, Ryan, and Cheerio went to Angola. Then Ron went to Beijing, People's Republic of China. Now there is only my towel hanging in the bathroom, I guess I can sleep in whatever bed I want, the toys are put away, the dessert is (almost) all gone, and the luggage is gone.
The only things that I enjoy when Ron is gone, is I can eat whatever I want, go to bed and get up, whenever I want. Last night I went bed about 10pm and got up at 7:30am. I had "this dream" that I got up at 3:15 and drove to the airport at 3:30, then returned home at 5:30 and went back to bed. Oh... wait a minute I really did do that- Ron's flight was at 6 am. hehe
I had a busier than normal week. I helped with a Young Women's event on Wednesday evening. Some of the girls modeled dresses from my store. We displayed some of the wedding dresses and I gave a talk for part of the program. On Thursday evening we had our quarterly Relief Society meeting. I had several responsibilities for that. Both events turned out well. On Friday I took a day off from work. I thought Ron had the day off too- but it turned out that he needed to finish up some things at the office and he needed to go play basketball at noon.
When Mike and Carrie and the boys were here, Ryan played with our "bouncy car" and our "ball pit".  Nicholas went swimming.... in the hot tub in the air conditioned porch. It was too hot to do anything outside :)

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Debora said...

Ron called me this morning- he arrived safely. (I had also been watching the "flight status" since yesterday- that's cool to see the small airplane on the map to see where it is.) He is exactly 12 hours ahead of me- when I get up, he goes to bed :)