Saturday, September 24, 2011

We Are Home

We are back from China. I have been home long enough to take a shower, start doing laundry, and get my "blog fix". I'm not ready to post much yet, but I have been catching up on what the kids have been posting during the past week. In the next couple of days, I'm sure I can can come up with several posts about our experience. I have a few pictures from the past couple of days. (I didn't take any pictures while we were "hanging around" at the hospital :) In fact, a couple of things that seem funny now, was when I arrived, there in Beijing, last Sunday. One of Ron's co-workers from ConocoPhillips came with his driver to the airport to pick me up. I was somewhat nervous about how we would find each other. But Ron told me that they would have a piece of paper with my name on it- "just look for that". And (here is the funny part), they realized that it might be hard for me to spot them, but it would be easy for them to spot a white, American woman, traveling alone. They were right. Then when we arrived at the hospital, that first hug from Ron was pretty emotional (I had been waiting for that for 4 days and especially during that 13 hour flight from SF to Beijing). We were all crying. The funny part was that he hadn't shaved since he arrived in China- so he had his grey beard and he was wearing blue pajamas with  "big purple flowers" printed on them. (I guess his other choice was pink pajamas with purple flowers on them- at he chose the blue ones.) 

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