Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Treats

"Finger Food"-
"Golden Oreo Funstix" dipped in white candy coating and "nails" with slivered almonds.

Mini size "Finger Food" made with "Wheat Thins Stix".
(also candy coating and slivered almonds)

"Sweet Spiders"-
Homemade or store bought chocolate cookies- chocolate frosting in the middle, colored licorice string legs, edible candy eyes (attached with a small dab of frosting).

"Meringue Google Eyeballs"-
baked meringue with candy coated choc. pieces or candy coated Reese's pieces.
Anyone want the meringue recipe?

"Meringue Ghosts"

"Google Meringue Eyeballs" on a stick.
(As a fun decoration in a smoothie or hot chocolate) I have two smoothie recipes and one, green hot choc. recipe. Anyone want those?

Creme Filled Cookie "Google Eyes". Open a creme filled cookie use the half with creme to make these eyes. (Use the cookie half with out creme to make the "cookie spiders".)  

Use the cookie "Google Eyes" to make Owl cupcakes. Two of these are regular cupcake size- two are made with a wider, shorter, cupcake paper. (Eyes made with Reese's pieces as well as the beak.)

For our ladies "Super Saturday" I did a display table of Halloween ideas. Some food ideas and some cute bags, jars, and buckets. And a couple of center piece ideas.
See anything else you might want more details on? I haven't had a chance to get pictures of everything- "my stuff" went to another ladie's house and I haven't retrieved it yet :)

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