Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Hero

 There was a young man, that we knew from Bartlesville, that was killed in Afghanistan, on Nov.1. He was 26 years old. His funeral service was yesterday. The streets of Bartlesville were lined with hundreds of people and American flags. Some standing as protection from the Westboro Baptist Church protesters. Others, who did not even know Chris, were there "just because". Just because, he gave he life for us and for his country. Thank you.

Here are three of the quotes from this story, that I particularly like:
(from a lady, standing by the street, holding a flag, who did not even personally know Chris)
"I would hold my flag all day for this young man".

"We love them (those who serve) and we support their families that are left behind".

"Thank you Bartlesville and the patriot guard riders. Let freedom ring in honor of our fallen soldier, Chris Gailey, you have become a hero to us all".

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