Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

A couple of pies are made. The green bean casserole is ready. The sweet potato casserole is ready. The turkey is in the oven. The table is set. Ron is at football. GG is at church.
What to do now???
Get out the Christmas decorations?
Box of the Halloween stuff? hehe
Clean out the garage?
Clean and organize my desk?
Clean out my food storage closet?
Finish my handouts and display for RS?
Work on my scrapbooks?
Organize my "house ideas" books?
Shop online?
Write our Christmas letter?

I think I will go take a shower then pick something from my list :) haha. It's not that often that I have a day to do "whatever". I am missing the rest of our family, but yet it's good to have a "sweat pants and slippers" day :) and I'll be back to work tomorrow and Saturday. (no rest for the retailers) I hope all of the kids have a great day. We are truly grateful for all of our blessings!


Ron said...

It was a terrific dinner with two perfect pies!

Annie said...

I need a pie tutorial... the "perfect pie" was not so perfect. Well, it did taste good. It just didn't look great.

We didn't eat until about 5:00. I think I like the earlier time, since it seemed like I was cooking all day.

Carrie said...

Well, I'm truly jealous. We really missed all the Thanksgiving foods (you can't get any of it here except the turkey). Luckily, a neighbor gave me a box of stuffing she'd brought in from the US and we got to have that. I'm going to eat like a pig at our Thanksgiving celebration this weekend since most of the stuff will have been brought in from the US. Sweet potatoes here I come : )

Debora said...

We actually ate about noon. Then Ron and I went for a ride in the car. He watched a few football games and I did all of my handouts/display for our RS Christmas party that is next Thursday. Everything else on my list will have to wait :)