Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Kinds of Pie

Ron will tell you that there are only two kinds of pie that he likes....

Hot and Cold!

But his all time favorite is (sour) cherry. He has managed to stay married to me long enough, for me to make a few (sour) cherry pies. I told him last night that "I might have done it!!" Here is what the PERFECT (sour) cherry pie looks like.

I found a recipe, a couple of weeks ago for an award winning apple pie. It was great. The crust was very flaky and just melted in your mouth. I decided then, that I needed to try that same crust only with a different filling. The cherry filling worked great, also. For Thanksgiving, I may need to try rhubarb :) Now that I have a perfect pie, maybe my purpose in this life has been fulfilled. hehe

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