Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decor

This post is just for me since my blog is my journal/scrapbook. (I am going to get it printed into books soon.) Here are pics. of my "(way too much) cute Christmas stuff". GG always tries to discourage me from getting decorations out- but I can't enjoy them if they stay in the attic :) I showed some self restraint- I didn't get the big tree out this year, but I do have 4 smaller ones. You will be able to see that my "taste" in decor. is somewhat country, somewhat mod, somewhat "whatever"- kind of a strange mixture :)hehe I am trying to include more items that are teal colored and figure out how to display some of my cute ornaments with out being on a large tree. My new tree for this year is shown in the last collage- it is my Noah's ark tree. Of course it goes in the front room with all of my other Noah's ark stuff.
My two other projects for today are some lights on the bushes outside and making rolled sugar cookies. We will see how much I get done- it's already almost 11 am. (I will probably be doing the cookies on another day. It will be a challenge just to find the lights in the garage :)

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