Monday, December 5, 2011

The Innkeeper's Key

I am spending today, decorating my house for Christmas. I would have started that sooner, but I have had another "project" that I have been working on. Last Thursday evening was our ladies Christmas program at church.
I had several responsibilities for that program. My husband, was kind enough to dress up as the "Innkeeper" for me.
Our program was based on a book called "A Christ-Centered Christmas". There was a part for Mary, Joseph, a Shepherd, a Lamb, a Wiseman, the Christ Child, and an Angel. In addition to our program, we had a potluck dessert table and then 7 other tables that represented each character and had cute little handouts and gifts for all of the ladies. I didn't post pictures of everything- but these will give you an idea of our activity. (I didn't want to post pictures of all of the people- but Ron was fair game :) It was a fun Christmas evening. 

My Innkeeper

Our Bethlehem background.

The Christ child table. 

The Mary table. (with gift bags for the ladies to collect other items in) 

The Nativity table. 

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