Monday, December 5, 2011

The Innkeeper's Key

I am spending today, decorating my house for Christmas. I would have started that sooner, but I have had another "project" that I have been working on. Last Thursday evening was our ladies Christmas program at church.
I had several responsibilities for that program. My husband, was kind enough to dress up as the "Innkeeper" for me.
Our program was based on a book called "A Christ-Centered Christmas". There was a part for Mary, Joseph, a Shepherd, a Lamb, a Wiseman, the Christ Child, and an Angel. In addition to our program, we had a potluck dessert table and then 7 other tables that represented each character and had cute little handouts and gifts for all of the ladies. I didn't post pictures of everything- but these will give you an idea of our activity. (I didn't want to post pictures of all of the people- but Ron was fair game :) It was a fun Christmas evening. 

My Innkeeper

Our Bethlehem background.

The Christ child table. 

The Mary table. (with gift bags for the ladies to collect other items in) 

The Nativity table. 


Annie said...

We're using that book again this year, hoping to do a little better than last year. We did Mary for FHE last week and it turned out well. We were emotional as we read the story about the poor widow teaching her children about giving. Owen and Weston liked holding the baby doll, pretending it was baby Jesus.

Pam said...

I'd love to hear more about it!

Jen said...

Can you send me the pictures of Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus? It was a lot of fun, thanks for letting us participate!

Debora said...

Pam- Go look online at Deseret Book- the book is called "A Christ-Centered Christmas. The author is Emily Freeman. It is a small paper back book- not very expensive. Basically, 7 chapters- one for each character of the Nativity story. Plus FHE ideas for each chapter. A lady in our ward, wrote a script- I made costumes- then the RS board helped decorate tables and we did all sorts of handouts for FHE ideas focused on the Nativity and Christmas.

Debora said...

The main theme of the book and of our meeting was for the sisters to have lots of Christmas family traditions centered on Christ.