Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo Boxes

These photo boxes are always available at craft stores, like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnns. On Monday I had one of those "light bulb" moments. (That means I had one of my brilliant ideas :)hehe Those boxes, especially the blue and pink ones are a perfect box to put a baby shower gift in. (Remember I make small taggy blankets- these are the perfect size for that and a small toy) I paid regular price for this one, but if I watch and stock up when they are on sale, it is an even more brilliant idea :) They are a cute box for a gift- no wrapping paper needed and then later they can actually be a photo box or any other kind of storage box. (There is always a need for boxes to hold various "baby stuff"- diapers, toys, wipes, wash clothes, small books, etc.) If you wanted to add a bow or ribbon, I would suggest just tying it around the box rather than using tape (or the sticky tab of a bow). That way, the paper coating of the box won't get torn by pulling the tape or bow off.

Can you tell that I am invited to a baby "boy" shower?

See...sometimes I can come up with my own ideas, without pinterest :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cute Ideas for the Girls

A Cute Idea ...

for an art project for the kids. Blue painted fish bowl, white button bubbles,
assorted bean rocks, handprint fish with googly eyes.

for a room full of balloons for a birthday. (Ashley and Daniel did this for Jaden's birthday.) Fill the room with balloons, while the child is sleeping.

for a book and pencil/pen holder.

for a snowman, made out of a cereal box. Cover the box with white paper, add other paper for the face or draw with markers or crayons, ear muffs=colored paper and paper cups.

for lego cake (especially for Annie). Get complete directions for this cake and other cute kid cakes at
(The little "knobs" are marshmallows, cut in half and frosted.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Choices

On my day off, today, I had 3 choices to work on for half a day. (I have other things I need to do this afternoon). 1- continue working on cleaning out my attic. 2- start cleaning out the garage. 3- clean up my "toy room". Since choices 1 and 2 require more than half a day, I decided to do number 3. My toy room is our back porch, that is also the hot tub room (the hot tub also needed some attention), the exercise room, Ron's drafting office (he recently put up my drafting table there). there is alot of stuff, stuffed there :) Even though I am organized enough to have lots of plastic tubs for the toys, small children have no concept of keeping them in the correct tub. So... my first task was to find all of the tubs, line them up and then hunt through all of the mixed up toys and put them in the correct place. Since I had all of those tubs, up off the floor, I decided that I should sweep the baseboards and then vacuum. After I swept the baseboards, I decided I should get the bug spray out and spray all of the baseboards and corners. Since I had the bug spray out, I might as well spray my front porch too. Off course, since I had the vacuum out I might as well do the living room, kitchen, and den. In order to vacuum the living room, I needed to move my boxed up Christmas decorations- but that also meant I could get to my other toy cabinet that sits behind the sofa. (My reasoning there-- I still needed to find some missing pieces to the toys on the porch). Once I got all of the toys reorganized and put away, I decided to clean the glass picnic table (did I forget to mention we have a picnic table in there too? :) with the Windex. Since I had the Windex and the paper towels out, I might as well clean the downstairs bathroom. Since one thing led to another here- I actually have the downstairs clean enough now, to get out my Valentine decor. It was a productive morning. Now, it's noon- I'm off to take care of other things. (We won't talk about what my attic and garage look like and how many toy pieces are still waiting to be found elsewhere and where I stashed the Christmas decorations that can't go back in the attic yet. hehe)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Santa Barbara Weekend

We flew to LA and then on to Santa Barbara, CA, last Friday. We flew back to Houston on Monday afternoon. We packed alot into a weekend!
We went with Annie and Alex to look at a house that was for sale. We picked up Jared and Nathan from school. Papa and I stayed with  the boys on Friday evening while Annie and Alex went to a movie. We helped with a birthday party for Nathan on Saturday morning. Nathan's baptism was on Saturday afternoon. We had dinner at Chili's, Saturday evening. Sunday morning was church. Sunday afternoon and evening was "just relax at the house". Monday morning was a trip to the butterfly park and lunch at the "Hamburger Habit". Then back to the airport. It was a fun weekend with "the boys"!!! Here are a few pictures. I thought maybe I was going to get back to the blogging before Annie- but she got there first today :) 
Although, she is playing catch up. 

Jared, in his classroom at school.

Nathan, standing by the door to his classroom.

Nathan's birthday party was a "flag football theme". There were about 10 other boys there to play football with- open presents- and eat cake and snacks. It was a great idea to have all of these activities at a park.

Annie sacrificed sleep to make this cake on Friday night :)

Ron and Alex had the assignment to organize "the game".

Weston= Mr. Life is Good!

Owen, loves to smile for the camera.

At Nathan's baptism.

At a cliff, near the ocean, near the butterfly park.

As usual, the weather in California was perfect. Alex claims it is only nice there...

360 days of the year!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy January

Here are the only snowmen at our house :)

But it is pretty cold here, for Texas.
I guess we will go to sunny, southern, CA and see what the weather is like there.
We will be thinking of all of you with "real" snow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Attic

Keeping up with the Jones'...
 oh wait, I mean, Purtles. (hehe) When "The Purtle Page" posted pictures of her attic, I just had to post :) Actually, I have had this post in mind for a couple of days and her post was just the prompting that I needed. Her attic is much better than mine and I am not showing you my attic, but rather I'm sharing one of my 2012 goals.

Here are all of my Christmas decorations from this year. Neatly boxed up. The only things still out are my four small Christmas trees.

But...they are not going in my attic until I clean it out!

Yes, my attic has a door, but it is one of those small, half doors, where I have to bend down to get in and out of it. No shelves, no pegboard, no wrapping station... just a space with a partial floor and one light bulb, to stash stuff. And that is what usually happens- just stash stuff! So that means things have gotten mixed up, unorganized and there is stuff there that I don't really want any more.  

This project may take awhile :) So my two extra bedrooms have become my
"sorting-reboxing-and-throwing-away-station". My goal for 2012 is to get my attic and my garage cleaned out, and my house (and my store) uncluttered. There...I said you know and I can stick to it.

The moral of this story, is that if you want to come and stay at our house, you need to give me some advance notice, because I will need to clean off the bed and put things away, in order to have a place for you to stay.  Don't worry Carrie, I will have this project finished by summer :)
And you will see, later on, that there really is "method to my madness".

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wasted some more time...

on Pinterest :)
Here are some more cute, random ideas or thoughts.

This one is for my girls,
who might actually use these kind of brushes.
My make-up is alot simpler than that :) but it's still a cute idea.

This one might be for Annie.
Let me know if you want the instructions- I'll send you the website. 

This one is for everyone.

This one is for me.

This one is for Al and Emy.

This one, almost makes me want to go paint a room, just to try it out. (notice, I said "almost" :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Perfect Date Night ...

dinner at "What A Burger".
Ron- standard burger, with mustard, onions, large fries, large drink. Me- junior burger, with mayo, no onions, small fries, small drink.

Ron at his computer looking at email and also watching the Cotton Bowl game on TV.

Me at my computer... "wasted an hour on FB and blogs, then the rest of the evening on Pinterest :)

 I got a cute craft idea.

I got inspiration :)

I got a cute gift idea.

I also got two for snickerdoodle cupcakes and one for fresh strawberry, yogurt cake. And I got this great thought for all of my girls that have at least one son!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here is My Attempt...

to keep up with Annie. She was posting faster today than I could keep up with :)
We had a fun Christmas with 4 of the grand kids. These pictures will give you some idea of what we have been doing all week. Last Friday afternoon when we were ready to head to Wylie, the only project left unfinished was my Christmas letter. It is still sitting on my desk. I'm not sure if it will get finished and sent or not. Ashley and Daniel and the kids are still trying to get back to Utah- hopefully tomorrow. (they are flying stand by- without much luck of getting seats so far. They came home with us on Wednesday, hoping to get on a flight yesterday) The only other casuality of our week, is the fact that Ron and I are both sick and trying not to pass it on to anyone else.
We only have 1 more day before it's back to work- not much chance of being well by Tuesday at this point :(

The Kids





The rest of us :)