Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Choices

On my day off, today, I had 3 choices to work on for half a day. (I have other things I need to do this afternoon). 1- continue working on cleaning out my attic. 2- start cleaning out the garage. 3- clean up my "toy room". Since choices 1 and 2 require more than half a day, I decided to do number 3. My toy room is our back porch, that is also the hot tub room (the hot tub also needed some attention), the exercise room, Ron's drafting office (he recently put up my drafting table there). there is alot of stuff, stuffed there :) Even though I am organized enough to have lots of plastic tubs for the toys, small children have no concept of keeping them in the correct tub. So... my first task was to find all of the tubs, line them up and then hunt through all of the mixed up toys and put them in the correct place. Since I had all of those tubs, up off the floor, I decided that I should sweep the baseboards and then vacuum. After I swept the baseboards, I decided I should get the bug spray out and spray all of the baseboards and corners. Since I had the bug spray out, I might as well spray my front porch too. Off course, since I had the vacuum out I might as well do the living room, kitchen, and den. In order to vacuum the living room, I needed to move my boxed up Christmas decorations- but that also meant I could get to my other toy cabinet that sits behind the sofa. (My reasoning there-- I still needed to find some missing pieces to the toys on the porch). Once I got all of the toys reorganized and put away, I decided to clean the glass picnic table (did I forget to mention we have a picnic table in there too? :) with the Windex. Since I had the Windex and the paper towels out, I might as well clean the downstairs bathroom. Since one thing led to another here- I actually have the downstairs clean enough now, to get out my Valentine decor. It was a productive morning. Now, it's noon- I'm off to take care of other things. (We won't talk about what my attic and garage look like and how many toy pieces are still waiting to be found elsewhere and where I stashed the Christmas decorations that can't go back in the attic yet. hehe)

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