Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here is My Attempt...

to keep up with Annie. She was posting faster today than I could keep up with :)
We had a fun Christmas with 4 of the grand kids. These pictures will give you some idea of what we have been doing all week. Last Friday afternoon when we were ready to head to Wylie, the only project left unfinished was my Christmas letter. It is still sitting on my desk. I'm not sure if it will get finished and sent or not. Ashley and Daniel and the kids are still trying to get back to Utah- hopefully tomorrow. (they are flying stand by- without much luck of getting seats so far. They came home with us on Wednesday, hoping to get on a flight yesterday) The only other casuality of our week, is the fact that Ron and I are both sick and trying not to pass it on to anyone else.
We only have 1 more day before it's back to work- not much chance of being well by Tuesday at this point :(

The Kids





The rest of us :)


Annie said...

Love the pictures! Eli looks pretty ornery in that first one in his collage. I can't believe how big Jaden and Hailey are getting too - they look like such big kids. The rest of you are cute too.

WhiteEyebrows said...

That's Eli's "I don't take no crap from nobody" picture. :)

Glad y'all would come. Ww had a great time and are still recovering from the madness. We're sick too - sore throats - again.

Sorry to hear that Ashley and Daniel still can't get home! Maybe if you wouldn't have stolen them from us they would have had a better shot from DFW? ;-)

Debora said...

Sore throat and bad headache!!! since Wednesday- then turned into sinus infection for me- Ron has a bad cough. Pray that Ash and Daniel and the kids don't get it- especially Ash.