Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Attic

Keeping up with the Jones'...
 oh wait, I mean, Purtles. (hehe) When "The Purtle Page" posted pictures of her attic, I just had to post :) Actually, I have had this post in mind for a couple of days and her post was just the prompting that I needed. Her attic is much better than mine and I am not showing you my attic, but rather I'm sharing one of my 2012 goals.

Here are all of my Christmas decorations from this year. Neatly boxed up. The only things still out are my four small Christmas trees.

But...they are not going in my attic until I clean it out!

Yes, my attic has a door, but it is one of those small, half doors, where I have to bend down to get in and out of it. No shelves, no pegboard, no wrapping station... just a space with a partial floor and one light bulb, to stash stuff. And that is what usually happens- just stash stuff! So that means things have gotten mixed up, unorganized and there is stuff there that I don't really want any more.  

This project may take awhile :) So my two extra bedrooms have become my
"sorting-reboxing-and-throwing-away-station". My goal for 2012 is to get my attic and my garage cleaned out, and my house (and my store) uncluttered. There...I said it...now you know and I can stick to it.

The moral of this story, is that if you want to come and stay at our house, you need to give me some advance notice, because I will need to clean off the bed and put things away, in order to have a place for you to stay.  Don't worry Carrie, I will have this project finished by summer :)
And you will see, later on, that there really is "method to my madness".

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