Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Sorry State of Affairs

Here is my list of a "sorry state of affairs" for this week :)

1. On Friday evening I was standing at the gas pump wondering which would happen first- "full" or the "$100 limit-at-the-pump" :(
2. On Sunday evening Ron's computer was "calling". Are these things smart or what?  (Actually, it was Annie calling me on skype :)
3. Also, on Sunday evening, Ron and I had to resort to a comment exchange on FB because his phone was dead- because his phone charger was in his suitcase that didn't show up until Monday evening :(
4. On Monday morning, I showed up at my doctor appointment without my wallet of credit cards. (it was still in my coat pocket from going to the gas station on Friday evening.) So...I had to pay cash at the doctor. The only change they had for a cash payment was in an envelope and then I'm pretty sure they had to get more change from the nurses purses.
5. Even with having an "extra day" for February, I still wasn't able to see all of the ladies that I needed to visit this month :( I did see 3 out of 4 and I'm going to get an early start on March :)
6. When I tried to pay an insurance bill online the only "free" option was to send a check in the mail :( All other options either online or on the phone had a fee attached- anything from an extra $5.95 to $24.95. That's just not right.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flat Jaden in Katy, Texas

Awhile back, we received a letter in the mail from one of our grandsons and his teacher at school. It had a picture in it called "flat Jaden". It also had instructions to take "flat
Jaden" to some places where we live and take his picture. Today, I took my "flat Jaden" and my camera and found some fun places in Katy, Texas. I will put together a packet tomorrow and send it off to Jaden's school, so that he can share with his class where-in-the-world "flat Jaden" went. I taped my "flat Jaden" onto a black piece of paper. Look close, you can see him in each picture- except not in the Bluebonnet photos. (I am just sending those as something interesting about Texas. I am also going to go get some postcards and something about the rodeo and put those with these pics. Ash- tell Jaden, that hopefully they should be there by the end of the week.)
What a fun project.

Flat Jaden

Where Grandma works

The Railroad Depot

The Katy High School TIGERS

Where Grandpa works

Texas Children's Hospital

Texas Bluebonnets

Old Katy was known for it's large oak trees, a grain mill, rice fields, and the railroad depot. Old downtown Katy is not very large. It has some small antique shops, gift shops, a hardware store, various boutiques and restuarants. The city of (new) Katy has grown into a large suburb of Houston. Katy is about 25 miles west of Houston. There are five high schools. (The mascot for the Katy high school is the Tigers.)
Here is a link that gives a brief history and some info. about Katy-

Saturday, February 18, 2012

For Annie

                                   Did anyone actually sleep on the campout?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 February Birthdays...

back to back. Audrey today and Ron tomorrow.
Happy Days!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For Valentines Day

Ron sent flowers and candy to me, at my store.
Then, even though I said we weren't going out for dinner- Ron got to eat at one of his favorite places- WhataBurger.
Life is good :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to my sweety and to our kids and their spouses. On the radio today- in the midst of all of the Valentine gift suggestions- a lady called in and said that every day should be Valentines day. Not just one day to say "I Love You", but every day to say "I Love You". So Ron and I still love each other (after 35 years) and we won't do anything in particular for Valentines Day. We tried that once, here in Houston, and decided that we wouldn't do that again :) All of the restaurants are very crowded here on Valentines Day. But... since Ron turns "50 something" this week- we might go to Outback on Friday evening. I was thinking that I should offer to babysit, so that someone else could go out- but since I'm still sick, I can't do that either. So we will be our usual boring selves here, but we hope you have a good day.
The picture of Dallin and Hailey made a perfect Valentine card :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Gift ?

Ron got these for me while I was gone last week. New front loader washer and dryer. Well... not exactly brand new, but gently-used-new. We bought them from a lady that was moving and couldn't take them with her. I guess they are a valentine gift, mothers day gift, birthday gift. He won't have to shop now for the next 6 months :)
I asked him if he had tried them out (surely he had a hamper full of dirty clothes, since I was gone all week)- he said "No, he was afraid to use them" :) They are super quiet and don't use very much water. The wash cycle is long (you can't be in a hurry) but the dry cycle is short.

Utah Week

I got home last night from spending a week in Utah. I stayed with Ashley and the kids. I took care of the kids while she was at work. Since Alison lives there close, I also got to spend time with her and Micah and Dallin. My only little casualty was that I had to stay home from church today with a sinus and ear infection. (My ears just do not like flying. I had trouble going to CA and back last month too. I'm just glad I didn't get sick until I got home) Anyway...I got to experience life there in Utah for the girls. We did alittle shopping, some eating out, lots of hanging around playing with the kids. Mostly just taking care of normal daily activities. Everyone there kept telling me it was a warm, mild winter, but I was still freezing most of the time :) One morning while Hailey, and Jaden, and I were walking to his school bus stop, it was snowing. On Friday afternoon, it was nice enough to take the kids to a park/play ground. But when the sun started going down it got chilly quick. Here are some of the smiling faces from Utah.
"Dal pal" is an especially happy kid and would always smile for the camera and he loved to see his cousins. He is definitely a "life is (very) good" kid.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Life this Week

Since Monday afternoon, I have been working very hard to get my house and my store in order. At home I made sure that there is bread in the breadbox, juice and milk in the refrig, cheerios in the pantry, ice cream in the freezer, and snacks on the counter. I also made sure that the laundry is all done- Ron's shirts are hanging up and underwear folded :) I put together some Valentine boxes and took care of my responsibilities for the ladies meeting at church tonight. (I made cookies, chocolate pretzels, and small recipe books.) 

At my store I tried to tie up a bazzillon (I'm sure that is a real number :) loose ends. We are just getting started into "bonker season"...did I say "bonker"?
I meant "Prom" season :) Any way, it's busy there. Today will be one of those 10-10 days. I have to load up 17 dresses to go to a fashion show this evening. I will be at the store from 10-4 then I will go to the show from 4-10.
Anyway... the reason I have been getting things in order, is because on Monday afternoon I decided I wanted to fly to Utah tomorrow. Did I mention, that I am married to an amazing  man? When I told him I wanted to go for a week, he didn't even flinch, but just said "okay". When he found out I would be leaving from one airport and returning to another one, he just said, that's okay, he would take me and pick me up whatever my schedule was. I found cheap flights (he was glad about that :) I did have to draw the line on the return flight though. The cheapest flight on next Friday, went from SLC to LA and then on to Houston. That is just not right!! When I am trying to fly east, I just couldn't go west first. So...the cheapest flight next Saturday, at least goes through New Mexico then on to Houston. So Ron will stay home and go to work every day to earn money for me to spend, while I go play with Jaden, Hailey, and Dallin for a week.
(Don't worry, I'll cook some heart shaped bacon for Ron when I get back :)
Since I'm on a tight schedule today, I need to stop blogging and go throw some things into a suitcase. Why I would want to go from a place with 75 degree weather to a place with 35 degree weather is a mystery to me. It must be one of those Grandma things :) 
My Texas-thin-blood is going to freeze.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day is Coming

Happy February- here are a few Valentine ideas...

Fish crackers.

Glow sticks.

Heart cake from 1 square cake and 1 round cake.

Easy way to make heart cupcakes- cupcake papers and marbles.

Pancakes and strawberries.

Pixie Stix flowers and heart candy jar filler.

Valentine pencils.

Keep the chocolate candy- this is what Ron would like for Valentines Day :)