Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flat Jaden in Katy, Texas

Awhile back, we received a letter in the mail from one of our grandsons and his teacher at school. It had a picture in it called "flat Jaden". It also had instructions to take "flat
Jaden" to some places where we live and take his picture. Today, I took my "flat Jaden" and my camera and found some fun places in Katy, Texas. I will put together a packet tomorrow and send it off to Jaden's school, so that he can share with his class where-in-the-world "flat Jaden" went. I taped my "flat Jaden" onto a black piece of paper. Look close, you can see him in each picture- except not in the Bluebonnet photos. (I am just sending those as something interesting about Texas. I am also going to go get some postcards and something about the rodeo and put those with these pics. Ash- tell Jaden, that hopefully they should be there by the end of the week.)
What a fun project.

Flat Jaden

Where Grandma works

The Railroad Depot

The Katy High School TIGERS

Where Grandpa works

Texas Children's Hospital

Texas Bluebonnets

Old Katy was known for it's large oak trees, a grain mill, rice fields, and the railroad depot. Old downtown Katy is not very large. It has some small antique shops, gift shops, a hardware store, various boutiques and restuarants. The city of (new) Katy has grown into a large suburb of Houston. Katy is about 25 miles west of Houston. There are five high schools. (The mascot for the Katy high school is the Tigers.)
Here is a link that gives a brief history and some info. about Katy-

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