Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to my sweety and to our kids and their spouses. On the radio today- in the midst of all of the Valentine gift suggestions- a lady called in and said that every day should be Valentines day. Not just one day to say "I Love You", but every day to say "I Love You". So Ron and I still love each other (after 35 years) and we won't do anything in particular for Valentines Day. We tried that once, here in Houston, and decided that we wouldn't do that again :) All of the restaurants are very crowded here on Valentines Day. But... since Ron turns "50 something" this week- we might go to Outback on Friday evening. I was thinking that I should offer to babysit, so that someone else could go out- but since I'm still sick, I can't do that either. So we will be our usual boring selves here, but we hope you have a good day.
The picture of Dallin and Hailey made a perfect Valentine card :)

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