Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Life this Week

Since Monday afternoon, I have been working very hard to get my house and my store in order. At home I made sure that there is bread in the breadbox, juice and milk in the refrig, cheerios in the pantry, ice cream in the freezer, and snacks on the counter. I also made sure that the laundry is all done- Ron's shirts are hanging up and underwear folded :) I put together some Valentine boxes and took care of my responsibilities for the ladies meeting at church tonight. (I made cookies, chocolate pretzels, and small recipe books.) 

At my store I tried to tie up a bazzillon (I'm sure that is a real number :) loose ends. We are just getting started into "bonker season"...did I say "bonker"?
I meant "Prom" season :) Any way, it's busy there. Today will be one of those 10-10 days. I have to load up 17 dresses to go to a fashion show this evening. I will be at the store from 10-4 then I will go to the show from 4-10.
Anyway... the reason I have been getting things in order, is because on Monday afternoon I decided I wanted to fly to Utah tomorrow. Did I mention, that I am married to an amazing  man? When I told him I wanted to go for a week, he didn't even flinch, but just said "okay". When he found out I would be leaving from one airport and returning to another one, he just said, that's okay, he would take me and pick me up whatever my schedule was. I found cheap flights (he was glad about that :) I did have to draw the line on the return flight though. The cheapest flight on next Friday, went from SLC to LA and then on to Houston. That is just not right!! When I am trying to fly east, I just couldn't go west first. So...the cheapest flight next Saturday, at least goes through New Mexico then on to Houston. So Ron will stay home and go to work every day to earn money for me to spend, while I go play with Jaden, Hailey, and Dallin for a week.
(Don't worry, I'll cook some heart shaped bacon for Ron when I get back :)
Since I'm on a tight schedule today, I need to stop blogging and go throw some things into a suitcase. Why I would want to go from a place with 75 degree weather to a place with 35 degree weather is a mystery to me. It must be one of those Grandma things :) 
My Texas-thin-blood is going to freeze.

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