Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Sorry State of Affairs

Here is my list of a "sorry state of affairs" for this week :)

1. On Friday evening I was standing at the gas pump wondering which would happen first- "full" or the "$100 limit-at-the-pump" :(
2. On Sunday evening Ron's computer was "calling". Are these things smart or what?  (Actually, it was Annie calling me on skype :)
3. Also, on Sunday evening, Ron and I had to resort to a comment exchange on FB because his phone was dead- because his phone charger was in his suitcase that didn't show up until Monday evening :(
4. On Monday morning, I showed up at my doctor appointment without my wallet of credit cards. (it was still in my coat pocket from going to the gas station on Friday evening.) So...I had to pay cash at the doctor. The only change they had for a cash payment was in an envelope and then I'm pretty sure they had to get more change from the nurses purses.
5. Even with having an "extra day" for February, I still wasn't able to see all of the ladies that I needed to visit this month :( I did see 3 out of 4 and I'm going to get an early start on March :)
6. When I tried to pay an insurance bill online the only "free" option was to send a check in the mail :( All other options either online or on the phone had a fee attached- anything from an extra $5.95 to $24.95. That's just not right.

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