Sunday, February 12, 2012

Utah Week

I got home last night from spending a week in Utah. I stayed with Ashley and the kids. I took care of the kids while she was at work. Since Alison lives there close, I also got to spend time with her and Micah and Dallin. My only little casualty was that I had to stay home from church today with a sinus and ear infection. (My ears just do not like flying. I had trouble going to CA and back last month too. I'm just glad I didn't get sick until I got home) Anyway...I got to experience life there in Utah for the girls. We did alittle shopping, some eating out, lots of hanging around playing with the kids. Mostly just taking care of normal daily activities. Everyone there kept telling me it was a warm, mild winter, but I was still freezing most of the time :) One morning while Hailey, and Jaden, and I were walking to his school bus stop, it was snowing. On Friday afternoon, it was nice enough to take the kids to a park/play ground. But when the sun started going down it got chilly quick. Here are some of the smiling faces from Utah.
"Dal pal" is an especially happy kid and would always smile for the camera and he loved to see his cousins. He is definitely a "life is (very) good" kid.

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