Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Emmy- 10 Days

This is Baba playing around with my phone. It is a snowy Sunday in Utah. Life has turned into the basics like laundry, eating, and sleeping. Wednesday was a good day we got all of the laundry done. Thursday was a good day because everyone took a nap at the same time :) We have gone out to the store a couple of times. There is a "Smiths" close by- it is like a super WalMart with groceries, clothing, home decor, and toys. On one trip there Al got to go shop the clothes while Emmy, Dalin and I cruised the rest of the store with a shopping cart :) Last night Ashley, Jaden, and Hailey came over and we made homemade pizza. We also had GREEN jello and GREEN limeade- that was the extent of our green celebration :) This morning we woke up to SNOW- that is "cruel and unusual punishment" on someone who has lived in Texas for 9 years :)

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