Saturday, April 7, 2012

It Was a Good Friday

I bribed Ron into spending an entire day with me- an "all day date". I say bribed, because I fed him bacon for breakfast- then he hung three new curtain rods in the bedrooms upstairs. Then he fixed the dryer vent and helped me clean up the deck. For lunch we had "What A Burger". (outside on the picnic table that was now cleaned up.) Then he added the 2 bathrooms that I wanted to our (Bandera) house plan, in progress.  Although he negotiated for his own toilet. (should I also make him CLEAN his own toilet? hehe) He also drained and cleaned the hot tub. After that we went out for barbecue dinner and a movie. I chose the restaurant. (there are several places in old Katy, that we need to try out) I let him choose the movie. It was "John Carter"- a pretty strange mars-creature-affair. hehe He was boasting that we had a private showing, until a few more people showed up :) And it was a busy day at the store, without me. (They won't let me be gone for Spring break or the Friday before Easter any more!) Anyway... it was a Good Friday.

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