Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Tender Mercy for Today

Ron and I were flying back from Denver this morning. We had one little glitch in our reservation, when we could only find Ron listed and he had been upgraded to first class. Some how the computer separated us- put him in first class and put me under a completely different confirmation number. His seat was 1A and my seat was 41C. 1A is the very first row of first class and row 41, is the very last row on the plane. We asked about having two seats together, but not only would we have given up that first class seat- they wanted us to pay extra money for two emergency row seats :(
Ron gave me the first class seat and he headed to the back of the plane. (only to find himself seating next to a VERY large, smelly man :(
But anyway... all of this has nothing to do with my tender mercy today, other than the fact that I was on the plane, sitting in my little first class corner, and sitting next to a window. As the plane was coming near to Houston, and I looked out my window... as far as I could see was a "sea" of bright white, billowy clouds. They were bathed in bright soft, warm sunlight, with a back drop of crystal blue sky. What a great beacon of God's love and hope. Then later, after we had landed, I realized the complete magnitude of this mercy. After we landed and we were in the car driving home, I realized that I was looking at the underneath side of those same clouds. The underneath side was just gray and bleak and covering a dreary world, without sunlight. What a great example of our limited vision on God's plan for us. Most of the time we are only seeing the underneath side of his plan for us- not knowing that the other side is bright sunlight, warmth and beauty, on an endless sea of fluffy white, with a crystal blue horizon. I don't know what the spirit world looks like, but this beautiful picture, above those clouds, that I have in my mind now, will suffice, until I know more and have a better understanding of all things.  

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