Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Weekend

We are guilty of adding our $12 as part of the $55 million spent on Men in Black 3, this weekend. We had our favorite, Friday night date at the drive-in theater.
This was one of the strangest movies I have ever seen :) I am still saying to myself, "What was that??"

Since it is a holiday weekend there was a long line of cars waiting to get in :)

We had to park right in between two other cars :)

Actually...this is more like what "our" drive-in looks like.
It was a great, warm night in Texas. Perfect for a "top down" evening.

So that was Friday night. Yesterday was a normal Saturday- I went to work at the store. Ron worked in the yard. One strange thing did happen though. At dinner last night, Ron announced that he was going shopping. Whoa...wait a minute... could I have actually heard that??? I told him that I would go with him...I wanted to see this!  We came home with new basketball shoes (you knew that it had to be something important), new shorts and socks, and 3 soaker hoses.

For tomorrow I have my "honeydo list" ready. It includes me, a new computer for the store, and 2 new storage cabinets to put together. (I will try to include some bacon, in there somewhere :) We originally thought that Sam, Audrey, and Eli would be here this weekend, but they opted out-- preferring the ward choir and some other friends, instead of hanging out with us :(
I think, Sam knew that he would have to help with the honeydo list :) The storage cabinets came from IKEA. Have you ever assembled something from IKEA?? Usually the directions are just a hand full of funny pictures. Hopefully Ron will still like me after that project :) And what can go wrong with trying to hook up a new computer and transfer data?? :)

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