Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Weekend

We are guilty of adding our $12 as part of the $55 million spent on Men in Black 3, this weekend. We had our favorite, Friday night date at the drive-in theater.
This was one of the strangest movies I have ever seen :) I am still saying to myself, "What was that??"

Since it is a holiday weekend there was a long line of cars waiting to get in :)

We had to park right in between two other cars :)

Actually...this is more like what "our" drive-in looks like.
It was a great, warm night in Texas. Perfect for a "top down" evening.

So that was Friday night. Yesterday was a normal Saturday- I went to work at the store. Ron worked in the yard. One strange thing did happen though. At dinner last night, Ron announced that he was going shopping. Whoa...wait a minute... could I have actually heard that??? I told him that I would go with him...I wanted to see this!  We came home with new basketball shoes (you knew that it had to be something important), new shorts and socks, and 3 soaker hoses.

For tomorrow I have my "honeydo list" ready. It includes me, a new computer for the store, and 2 new storage cabinets to put together. (I will try to include some bacon, in there somewhere :) We originally thought that Sam, Audrey, and Eli would be here this weekend, but they opted out-- preferring the ward choir and some other friends, instead of hanging out with us :(
I think, Sam knew that he would have to help with the honeydo list :) The storage cabinets came from IKEA. Have you ever assembled something from IKEA?? Usually the directions are just a hand full of funny pictures. Hopefully Ron will still like me after that project :) And what can go wrong with trying to hook up a new computer and transfer data?? :)


WhiteEyebrows said...

Ha ha. Loved the pictures of the cars.

We commented a couple of times yesterday how we wish we could have come down. I'll cross my fingers and hope that you have good luck with the new computer. I'll also hide my phone so I can't hear it ring. ;-)

Debora said...

How did you know that I would be calling you???? hehe