Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Projects

Here is my new storage cabinet. It was actually fairly easy to assemble.
Ron's comment was, "At least a few words, in the directions, would be nice."
(Remember, I mentioned that assembly directions from IKEA are only a few pictures.)
Now I have more space for food storage and some of my kitchen stuff.
That was project number one :)

Project number two was a whole other story. By 11 pm last night we had a new computer plugged in and turned on. But...
no laser printer working, no label printer working, no place to attach a debit pin pad, no place to attach a receipt printer, no connection to the surveillance cameras, and my point of sale program copied, but not working. (We did have an internet connection :)
We solved a couple of problems today- but it is going to be a long week. Somehow Sam knew that his phone would be ringing :)


Annie said...

I guess you can literally grab some food on your way out the door now! Where did you move the cute family pictures to? :)

Debora said...

Yep- on the way out or on the way in :) May not be the perfect location but the extra space is great. I have other places to set stuff- like pics. I had to sacrifice something :) Ron had to move a picture from that wall too, that would have been behind the cabinet.