Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grad Gift Idea

Here is an idea for a graduation gift. It is a fun idea for the "gals" on your list. Even though it would be useful for the "guys" on your list- it's just too cute for them :)

You will need:

A plastic container or tote.
(this one has a lid, but after I filled it- the lid can't be used on it)

Some laundry items- small box of dryer sheets, small bottle of fabric softener, small bottle of laundry soap, a lingerie bag, and a laundry bag.

Another small plastic container or jar,
 2 rolls of quarters, 1 dime, and 2 pennies- 20 dollars and 12 cents.

I made a cute tag for the money jar, that says,
"Celebrating your Graduation with something practical and
with $20.12."
I put the 12 cents in it's own small plastic bag with another tag attached.

Then put everything in the plastic container or tote.

In case you don't need a graduation gift idea for this year- the same idea is still good- just change the amount of money to match the year. 

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